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WASR_99 04-12-2007 10:52 PM

Money Saving?
I've always pondered reloading but I've always wondered just how much money you actually save.

Anyone ever done the math on how much they save?

Declaration Day 04-12-2007 11:56 PM

Yes. I primarily load 9mm and .45, though I've started loading rifle rounds as well.

I currently handload 9mm for $3.50 per box (50 rds) and .45 for $4.50 per box. I am using brass that I've kept from my own spent factory loads as well as brass scrounged from the range, and loading Rainier Ballistics copper-plated bullets.

xerez 04-13-2007 09:58 PM

Any saftey concerns from using spent brass?

Declaration Day 04-13-2007 10:38 PM

No, in fact that is normal. Brass cases can be reloaded several, even dozens of times in some cases. The key is to inspect them before each reload. If you decide to reload, you'll learn all about it in your manual.

DWARREN123 04-14-2007 12:56 PM

I load 32 H&R Mag and 357 Mag. Haven't saved a penny but I shoot a lot more.:D

jpattersonnh 04-15-2007 04:45 PM

Saving money is one issue, increased accuracy is another. For 9.3x57 it would cost me close to $2.50 a round for factory ammo, I can reload using re-formed 8x57 brass, Speer bonded 270 grain bullets, and CCI primers for under .40 cents a round. It does depend on where and how you purchase your components. I picked up some .308 165 grain SP Combined Technology bullets from Midway about a year back, $4.95 for 50, so I picked up a few boxes. For .308, 7.5x55 and 7.62x51 it now costs me about .19 cents a round to reload. Most rifle cartridges cost me between .20 and .40 cents a round. Plus they are tailored to my rifles! So at an average cost of $6.00 for 20 rounds it is a huge savings. This includes 7mm Rem Mag, 6.5x55, 7.5x55, .308,5.56x45, and 9.3x57. Pistol cartridges are an even bigger savings. I reload for about 7 rifle calibers, and 3 handgun calibers. I use 3 rifle powders and 1 handgun powder. Jim

10MM_Shooter 05-02-2007 01:45 AM

As someone previously mentioned reloading your own ammo means you pay less per round in my case I shoot mostly 10mm, 44 and 38. I've loaded 75,000 rounds since I started using my trustly Dillon 650 13 years ago. I can pay nearly .40 cents per round for commercial loaded .44 or 10mm or I can load my own for about .08 cents per round.

Kinda fun, I never go the the range with less than 1000 rounds of ammo.

As a kid my Dad would always take me and my brother shooting and I could never shoot as much as I wanted because of the expense. So now my brother and my Dad and I go the range and we can shoot until our fingers and hands are too tired to shoot anymore (funny how life works out :D

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