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cottontop 02-09-2012 07:31 PM

Kudos to the Rockchucker Press
Several years ago I started reloading. Then, because of other interests and commitments, I got out of rifles and reloading. I recently got back into it. When I started, I had an RCBS Junior press. It was not bad, but sometimes required excessive effort. I gave it away to a preacher friend because I was not using it. Now that I have gotten back into reloading, I bought a cheap "C" press for $20. It would not even allow me to full length resize. I could just not get the case all the way into the dies w/ this press. Forget case forming. That was out of the question w/ this press. Though I never used one, I always thought the RCBS Rockchucker press was the ultimate single stage press just by looking at the linkage set up. I thought the mechanical advantage had to be great. So, I began looking at new ones. The prices were a little steep for me. But, what about a used one? Heck, they have to last forever. How could you wear one out?

So, I found a used one for less than $100 including shipping on that famous auction site. When I got it I was first impressed by its shear weight. Full length resizing and case forming was absolutely effortless. I couldn't believe it. This has to be the best single stage press available. I know some will disagree as there are other good presses out there and I can't fault those. But, if I use it everyday for the rest of my life and pass it on to my grandchild and he uses it everyday, it will continue to work flawlessly. The one I have is old and it shows little wear though it has been used a lot. This is the only press I will ever own. I love my Rockchucker!

1hole 02-11-2012 12:55 AM

"I bought a cheap "C" press for $20. It would not even allow me to full length resize."

Cotton, you don't say which "C" press you got but I've used quite a few of them from seveal brands over the last 46 years and all but one had the old, low leverage, simple toggle lever links just like your old JR. For many years those were the ONLY type presses commonly available but they all allowed me (and others) to FL size anything; a good case lube properly applied makes a lot of difference. But your RC (and mine) have compound toggle links, giving us MUCH more leverage. All presses of that design are good but no one is no better than others in the same basic class; Lyman, Hornady, Redding, Lee. Thing is, if they look pretty much the same, they will work pretty much the same. And, with equal care, each will last just as long.


cottontop 02-11-2012 03:26 PM

The $20 press was s "Smart" reloading press. The linkage pieces are just two thin pieces of metal strapped one to each side. Just not enough leverage. I'm sure a Jr. press or one similar would be fine, but because I was going to get a new (or used) press anyway, I thought I'd go all out and get the Rockchucker. I'm going to be doing lots of case forming also, so I am glad I got the RC. I do lube my cases, but that didn't make much difference w/ the cheaper press.

1hole 02-13-2012 04:08 PM

Well, the SmartReloader press isn't much to gage any other presses by but the "thin" swinging arms (and "C" design) aren't what controls the leverage. The RC is as good for reforming as others of its type. Good luck.

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