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potentialglock 12-12-2012 12:45 AM

which kit?
Should I get the Lee Breech Lock Challenger Single Stage Press kit? Or the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Single Stage? I understand the Hornady comes with more stuff and its better quality. Also considering RCBS Rock Chucked Supreme Master Kit?

potentialglock 12-12-2012 12:49 AM

I'm going to start reloading primarily handguns (9mm and. 45 acp) and shot shells (20 gauge)

potentialglock 12-12-2012 12:56 AM

And is it easy to get into reloading with no prior experience?

potentialglock 12-12-2012 01:23 AM

The Lee is on sale for 105$ Nd the Hornady for 260$.

sdiver35 12-12-2012 01:26 AM

I have the RCBS and load 9mm, .40 and .45's. It is easy, you just have to be patient, and mindful of what you are doing. There is no rushing when loading - safety is the most important thing!

It is a fun hobby.

potentialglock 12-12-2012 01:50 AM

Well the hornady is on sale for less than the RCBS. So any recommendations between Lee and Hornady?

locutus 12-12-2012 04:19 AM

The Hornady is an excellent press. If it's still on sale, buy it. The Rock Chucker is pretty much the standard that single stage presses are judged by. Lyman Crusher is excellent as well.

My personal favorite, by far, is the Redding "Big Boss."

DaTexanBoy 12-12-2012 10:02 AM

I have the Hornady SS and I love it. If its on sale, buy it. I probably won't ever buy or need anything else.

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