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I want to get into reloading what is the better press to start with?

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Originally Posted by cottontop View Post
I know you are quoting me and for some reason you have singled me out and continue to try to discredit me and make me look foolish. This is not the first time. I realize that I, like most other middle aged/old guys are very strongly opinionated when it comes to politics and guns. Too many of us believe in too many gun and shooting myths. So, I like many others who post on shooting forums will make statements that are largely opinion and can't really be proven.
That being said, I have taken various Lee products to gun shows and gun shops w/ the express purpose of trying to trade them for RCBS products. Dealers tell me that Lee doesn't even come close to RCBS in quality and resale value, and they refuse to even consider a trade. They may or may not be right. I personally own many Lee products and I like them very much and use them. I have nothing against Lee. But, when it all comes out in the wash, I do prefer RCBS.
I know how you feel, I'm one of those opinionated old guys and I don't think some of my beliefs in guns and shooting are too much of a myth. I happen to believe in the quality of the way the old GI .45 ACP's were made even though I own investment cast firearms as well as a poly framed Springfield .40. Though I own a RCBS press and many different caliber dies for it I also have Lee products such as a lead melter and a couple lead bullet sizers that fit into a bullet luber sizer that screws into my RCBS press. I also have a double cavity Lee .40 bullet cast die. As far as I'm concerned in seeing the quality of the Lee products I own I wouldn't be afraid of owning their presses as well. As to owning the XDm, I'd trade it in a second if offered a swap for a good old 1911. Yeah I'm just an nearly 70 year old opinionated guy who likes to have the good old stuff in my possession.
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Rcbs, Lee, Lymann, Hornady all make good stuff, there are others but these are probably the main 4, of these Lee is the least expensive and that doesn't necessarily mean they are not of good quality. I believe for the normal person who is reloading for themselves any of these presses will serve you well and last a long time. If you are loading for a lot of other people or necking down one caliber to another then you are going to be putting your press through more stress and wear. As I said before I have the RCBS kit but thats because it was a Xmas present, if I bought it myself I probably would have went with Lee. When it comes to buying dies I usually buy Lee if I'm buying new because you can get the Lee RGB dies dirt cheap, they work well they just don't have a fancy knurled finish on the outside or come with as nice a case as the RCBS and other higher end dies.
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As much as I disliked my RockChunker (does it still have that stupid green spent-primer catch tray that drops about every other primer on the floor?) from the late '70s, Natchez appears to have a "good" sale on right now:
RCBS RC Supreme Master kit: $270
RCBS ChargeMaster: $280
Two different Hornady L-N-L Classic kits at $470 and $300 and the L-N-L progressive for $390.
Lee Classic Turret for $95
Lyman 1000 XP scale for $90
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Note that RCBS has a $50 rebate again if you buy $300 worth of their stuff. So add a set of RCBS dies to the RC Supreme kit and you save another $50. Was enough for me to pick that kit.
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"I know you are quoting me and for some reason you have singled me out and continue to try to discredit me and make me look foolish. This is not the first time. I realize that I, like most other middle aged/old guys are very strongly opinionated when it comes to politics and guns. Too many of us believe in too many gun and shooting myths."

No one is trying to embarass you or make you look foolish (in fact, I believe that only we can do that to ourselves), only hoping you may come to consider your words before posting. I'm quoting you to specifically disagree with something you have emphatically stated as fact but isn't, simply because it's really not helpful to the OP. You're welcome to disagree with me and, if you have valid reasons, I would invite you to tell us those reasons. But you should know that few of us are going to accept loudly proclaimed information as scientific truth based from some annomous name on the web...or his uncle.

Old guys do tend to have strongly 'opionated', learned facts, from personal experience but there is certainly no shortage of opinionated young guys, usually stated from a position of very limited experience and few facts; aka, firmly believing 'shooting myths". Perhaps it shows up most clearly when it comes to myths about the 'best' of anything. "Young" guys who have used few tools or brands tend to the most positive about brands; that seems strange to us old dudes who HAVE used a lot of different things! Making a flat statement that a brand or model of press is "the best" has absolutely no basis in fact and that's partly from failing to consider what the user needs to do with the press; I can tell you that RCBS has a very small percentage of the progressive press market because a LOT of people think they suck. And the much lauded 'Chucker is only an average press in it's design class even tho it has far fewer excellant user features than some of its competitors.

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I have the Rockchucker that I use for resizing/depriming and little else. Works great for that. I recently got an RCBS Ammomaster autoloader that seems to have great potential, but I plan on using it for only .40 S&W. Still learning this one. I had a Lyman turret press that I was given and I gave it away because I disliked it so much. My main machine is the Dillon 550B. I have die plates set up for many different calibers. The biggest pain is changing over the powder measure, or changing from the large powder bar to the small powder bar. That is a pain in the rear. For most of the rounds I reload I use the RCBS powder measure as a separate operation. It is tedious but I get more accurate powder loads, especially with the extruded powders.

I will keep all of the rockchuckers I can find for cheap or free. Having a single-stage press set up for a dedicated operation could be very handy.

I don't have any of the Lee presses, but they look great to me.

Asking what anybody prefers in their reloading stuff is like asking which gun is best. Everybody has a differnet opinion.
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RCBS rockchucker supreme
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If you could get the Lee Breech Lock 50th Anniversary Kit for $62 shipped, would you take it over the RCBS Rock Chucker?
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Start with the Lyman turret kit. The scale and sizer are great tools that you will use when you move onto a progressive press. If you want to start with a progressive, take a look at Hornady's lock-n-load progressive. They do not have a kit so you will need to purchase the scale separate
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I have a RCBS Jr. that's over 30 years old. It's allowed me to do a lot of shooting that I couldn't do if I had to buy factory ammo.
Another vote for the RCBS Jr. i have three of them; two are set up for .308 and .223/5.56mm. That press will do anything you need to do except full length resize magnum rifle cases: i use a Rockchucker for that. The RCBS Jr. is made the old fashioned way, no aluminum. They are out of production: Used RCBS, Jr. presses can be found online.
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