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josephbw 11-18-2008 01:20 AM

Has anyone tried DRT ammo?
I found the following at the Cheaper Than Dirt website. Does anyone have any? If so, does it perform as advertised? I just noticed that CTD cannot get any at this time. :(

Manufacturer: DRT
Item: AMM-463

DRT is it the Most Accurate Ammo Ever?

This might be it, both in accuracy and terminal ballistics!
This ammo has been hush, hush for over four years. We saw it being tested at the Military Proofing grounds and everyone said, "that is not possible" after they saw the results! The DRT name stands for Dynamic Research Technologies, or as the guys shooting the M24 Sniper Rifles say, "Dead Right There"!

This ammo does the exact opposite of what you would expect. These rounds will shoot through a 2" x 4" but will not shoot through an invader in your home. Here is the best part, these are ideal for crowd control, home defense, or close quarter combat, the bullet will hit the target and dissipate inside the target, killing them instantly without going through and injuring an innocent bystander.

How is that possible?
It is in the core. Totally different then anything on the market, a compressed metal powder, not a solid lead blob, but a fine powder mixture.
Here is how it works;

If you filled a 55 gallon drum with a zillion number 9 shotgun pellets and then shot it out of some space age rail gun with the round spinning at 160,000 RPM, you would have a very deadly round. That is kind of what is happening but, then enters the dynamics of of the fine powder! When it encounters a solid object such as a 2" x 4" it shoots right through but when it encounters an object denser than itself like a brick wall or concrete or heavy gauge steel, it disintegrates, returning to powder with no ricochet.

The magic occurs on an Organic Target. The fine powder is as fine as talcum powder. When it contacts the organic target, the powder is spinning at such a high rate it instantly disperses, creating a crater in the target resulting in Instant Death. The wounds are typically 5" deep and 5" wide. A full 100% energy dissipation as the bullet totally disappears to invisible dust.

The accuracy comes from two attributes; First is extreme attention to detail in the manufacturing process, much greater than even handloads. Second has to do with the powder core. Solid lead cores are never perfect, they are off center or not symmetrical and when spun at 160,000 rpm, they flight off course and then at 1,000 meters your groups never get much better than 10". With the powder core, the material finds it center when spinning improving the accuracy. Besides, this fine powder is heavier than lead, so a standard weight projectile is smaller offering a lower wind profile and enhanced accuracy.

So guys, this is it.
The most accurate ammo we have ever seen; and the most deadly. We have been asked not to tell stories of this ammo being used in the big sand box, but the stories are getting out and the unheard of results have increased demand for this one of a kind - the only ammo you ever need to own, DRT ammunition.

Demand is tight and we only have a few boxes of DRT Ammo to sell

matt g 11-18-2008 01:56 AM

There are many brands of frangible ammo on the market. You may want to look around for other brands before buying this stuff. This 'article' is nothing more than media hype to sell an average product that has been available for years.

josephbw 11-19-2008 02:31 AM

Hi Matt,

How was the recoil on the DRT ammo that you shot, was it the same as any other frangible or standard ammo, or was it different. Also did you shoot the 9mm or the .40? Just curious.


matt g 11-25-2008 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by josephbw (Post 51288)
Hi Matt,

How was the recoil on the DRT ammo that you shot, was it the same as any other frangible or standard ammo, or was it different. Also did you shoot the 9mm or the .40? Just curious.


I've never used the DRT brand, but I've fired Glasers and some no-name stuff out of everything from a .380 and 9mm pistols to M16s and other rifles. I didn't feel much of a recoil difference from anything else I had fired. I guess it felt similar to subsonic rounds, but when you're using frangible rounds, you're usually not paying attention to recoil.

Benning Boy 11-28-2008 11:10 PM

I tend to avoid ammo marketed with hot chicks holding weapons uncomfortably in the ad. I also avoid ammo featuring ninjas, quasi-commando teams, or named after dangerous animals.:rolleyes:

cpttango30 11-30-2008 02:47 PM

If it is good enough for Marshall Teague then it should be good enough for us.

It is funny the last time I watched his show on Vs. he was shooting Rugers and Federal Ammo.

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