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StainlessSteel215 11-30-2012 06:16 PM

great idea for ammo discounts in your local area!
Hey guys, I just posted a similar thread in my local PA forum but wanted to branch out and share this great idea with you....because its super easy, free, and very duplicatable....

We have a very well known FFL/range dealer in my local area and they offer a 3-tiered bulk ammo discount. I believe its 5% off between 5-10 boxes, 10% off between 11-20 boxes, and a whopping 20% off 21+ boxes of ammo!


I came up with the idea to create a local Facebook community page to draw local folks in and begin creating groups to make bulk ammo purchases for that very reason! Its safe to assume that my local FFL dealer isnt the ONLY place that offers bulk ammo discounts because lets face it....we are all looking for the best deal around! So I encourage you all to look around your area and see if any dealers offer bulk discounts and get on it! Plus it will encourage folks to get together and posts reviews, classifieds, etc.

And...if you guys dont mind....LIKE the page so I can begin growing a presence ;)

locutus 12-01-2012 03:05 PM

A great idea.

StainlessSteel215 12-03-2012 12:14 AM

Thanks, anyone can do it and if your local FFL dealers arent already giving bulk ammo discounts....pitch them the idea and tell them you have the potential to send a LOT of business their way. Its a win-win!

I mean in today's hyper-inflated prices on thing like ammo....20% off helps get it back down to a reasonable price. As soon as the FB page grows I will begin stockpiling ASAP

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