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seedy 07-23-2008 10:27 PM

getting accurare weight measures
I have been reloading for quite a few years and this is the way I can get an accurate weight measure. First off I use moderately priced Lee powder measure and scale plus a cheap electronic scale such as the one from Midway. I use the beam scale to get my adjustable measure in the ballpark, lets say 6.3 grs.. Then when I get it close, I up the beam scale to 10X in this case 63grs and dump 10 charges into the pan. By doing this any little mistake will be magnified and you can adjust your powder measure in smaller increments. When I get it close enough I check the 10X measure ,63grs, with the electronic scale. If this mirrors my beam scale I am pretty confident that I have the measuring rod properly adjusted to throw the exact weight I want. A good confrimation of this is if the load chronies to the approximate speed listed in the loading manual. CD

RL357Mag 07-24-2008 12:27 AM

+1 Good extrapolation! The easier way is to just buy a Redding Bench Rest Model 3BR powder measure. I weigh every 10th load and it never needs adjusting. I also use an old O'Haus Triple Beam Balance. Someday I'll get an electronic scale, but so far the old lab scale works fine, if not a bit more slowly.

seedy 07-24-2008 05:40 PM

Thank you. I used a beam scale alone for many years. I only bought an electronic scale when Midway had a sale on them for thirty bucks a pop. I found that it wasn't that much better than the beam scale in weighing charges. It did help me weighing bullets since my beam only went to 100grs. Now, along with confrming weights that the powder measure throws, I can find the weights of little bunches of leftover bullets that I have stashed in cans and boxes around my loading bench. CD

cpttango30 07-31-2008 01:14 PM

I have a PACT BBKII and a Lyman M5 (RCBS 1010) The beam scale blows the digital scale out the window as far as accuracy. Plus my digital scale went belly up on me so now to get it fixed I have to pay to ship it to PACT and pay for them to fix it. My beam scale needs no electronics so it is much more likely to be accurate longer. I also found that the Digital scale need a very level area to be at it's most accurate where is I can adjust my beam scale.

Using the digital scale makes adjusting powder measure much faster I can say that much.

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