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bigfeet1 06-29-2009 12:40 AM

Foreign ammo dealers

I was wondering if you guys knew any foreign ammo dealers? Ammo's getting really expensive here and it'll probably go up even more quite soon, so I was hoping for some help in the matter.

Shotgun Shooter 06-29-2009 12:47 AM

Where abouts do you live? That may help finding out which dealers can be shipped to you.


bigfeet1 06-29-2009 04:40 AM

I'm in Utah, so I hope that it can be shipped here. However, I don't plan on living here forever. You know how it goes, wherever you can find work right? ;)

Shotgun Shooter 06-29-2009 04:45 AM

LOL. I'm a bit confused on why you're looking for a foreign ammo dealer. I was under the impression you were in another country. Do you mean "foreign ammo" or an ammo dealer from another country?


bigfeet1 06-30-2009 03:45 AM

ah. Sorry about the confusion. No, I'm planning on getting my FFL and I want to know some foreign ammo dealers so I can know who I can import from. For now, local ammo is cheaper, but you never know when it could go up!

Dgunsmith 07-01-2009 02:05 AM

You would need an import permit issued via State Department under I.T.A.R.
as well as BATF approval....and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make it worth while.....and then pay the excise tax on it when it arrives.

Good luck !

bigfeet1 07-02-2009 05:36 AM

Ok. Thanks for the help and I do realize it's an expensive venture, but I'd still like to look into it. Do you know any ammo dealers?

Dgunsmith 07-02-2009 01:54 PM

You best review the I.T.A.R. regulations...even attempting to discuss the importation of firearms or ammunition without being registered under I.T.A.R.
is ARMS TRAFFICING....a federal felony !

This is what they are going to prosecute people under that have arms/ammo found in Mexico that came thru the USA....they are VERY serious will loose everything you RICO laws.

bigfeet1 07-03-2009 06:16 AM

Ok. Thanks for letting me know.

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