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madodge68 08-14-2008 03:34 PM

Which Die set would you chose?
With all the different ones; which would you choose for both handguns and rifles?
I'm asking because I have to purchase a set and I would like a few opinions from experienced reloaders.
I am also having a hard time finding ones for my Desert Eagle AE50.

coxhw 08-14-2008 04:03 PM

I use RCBS but that's just a preference. Do make sure you get Carbide dies. They cost alittle more but are worth it in the long run. (no lub needed) As far as getting your 50 dies you might want to try Midway USA.

robocop10mm 08-14-2008 06:19 PM

I have dies from RCBS, Lyman, Lee and Dillon. None have really given me any trouble. I did wear out a .223 small base sizer from RCBS after loading about 25,000 rounds. It got scratched by some sort of foreign matter. Replaced it with a Dillon. They all make very good quality dies. Some folks may express a particular preference for one brand over another but they will all give very satisfactory results.

+100 on Carbide.

1hole 08-14-2008 06:55 PM

My die boxes are labeled RCBS, Lee, Lyman, Redding, Forster, Hornady, Herters, Lachmilller, Pacific, Hollywood, Eagle, Wells, Bair, Savage and another I can't recall off the top of my head. Only the Savage dies were poorly made so it's no surprise they aren't available any more. All of the others seem to be quite good.

I PREFER to use Lyman and Redding dies for pistol stuff because of their most excellant expander design.

I PREFER to use Forster FL sizers because of their raised expander button design and Forster's BR full chamber type sleeve seaters for rifle.

I PREFER the Lee Collet neck sizers for all bottle neck cartridges.

I PREFER Lee Factory Crimp Dies for all my cartridges that get crimped.

I use a universal decapper for everything and use Lyman "M" expander dies for anything I'm FL sizing and still trying to get maximum accuracy from.

But, I can make good ammo from any brand of dies. (Well...except Savage!)

robocop10mm 08-14-2008 08:05 PM

+1 on the Lee factory crimp die for bottle neck cases. I use them for .223, .308 and .30-06. Taper crimp for auto pistol ammo and roll crimp for revolvers.

cpttango30 08-14-2008 08:38 PM

RCBS, Hornady are my prefered brands.

I like the Hornady rifle dies with the sliding seater plug. It aligns the bullet and cartridge for a more stright on aproch when seating the bullet.

All rifle dies form RCBS or Hornady are made with a built in roll crimp.

I do not see the need to spend the money on the micrometer seat dies unless you are loading for a custom rifle that takes a special ammount of seating depth.

If you want to neck size that is cool but remember that every so often you are going to have to full length size on bottle neck cartridges.

RCBS X dies is suposted to eliminate the need to trim cases.

SteveK 08-15-2008 11:07 PM

If the caliber you are talking about is a pistol cartridge LEE has what you need. However the dies are steel and not the carbide. Another option is to contact LEE and they can custom make a set of dies for you.

1hole 08-20-2008 11:00 PM

"If the caliber you are talking about is a pistol cartridge LEE has what you need. However the dies are steel and not the carbide. "

Actually, MOST of Lee's pistol dies are in carbide. And the sets include a shell holder which reduces the cost of adding a new cartridge much less expensive.

Lee has the best crimp dies (Factory Crimp Dies) on the market, rifle or pistol.

JPBeck 08-20-2008 11:06 PM

I use LEE Dies on RCBS presses-- I think you can get LEE to make you a custom set of dies in carbide for $75-- check my memory on that. There are some nay sayers against LEE, but from what I've seen first hand they work great. Then again I haven't tried every die out there, so take my opinion at your own risk-- I'm no expert reloader I've only been at it for 10 years (which is nothing in the reloading world).

RL357Mag 08-21-2008 01:32 AM

I've been using Lee's , RCBS, & Redding. I prefer the ease and price of the Lee dies - you get much more for much less money with their 3-Die sets. The Factory crimp die is a real plus and comes standard with the 3-die set, also a shell holder comes standard. No wrenches required to setr them up either except to initially set the decapper depth, and once thats done you never have to touch it again except to occasionally clean the die.

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