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supergus 11-17-2009 07:54 PM

Case separation...
I've read in different books and magazines that you should separate brass of different manufacturers, since differences in wall thickness between makers can change the case pressures. I'll accept that and I have no problem doing it. My question is this: what about brass from the same mfgr. with different head stamps. For example, Some Remington brass is marked with P.M.C., R.P., F.C. or C.B.C. Should I separate these into different batches or is it safe to just put all Remington brass together.?

TXnorton 11-17-2009 08:40 PM

I separate cases based on manufacturer only for my .30-06 hunting loads, and then I am not sure if I could see any real reason for doing so, as I do not reload any calibers at the extreme maximum powder loads. I do not worry about segregation at all on any "bulk" calibers where I regularly shoot and re-load a whole lot of rounds such as .223, 9mm or .45 ACP.

WILDCATT 11-18-2009 12:49 AM

rem is rem.PMC is not rem.CBC is south american,and RP is rem peters If you dont load hot it wont make any difference.get a couple manuals.lee and lyman.

supergus 11-18-2009 12:53 AM

Disregard my OP. Dumb a$$ mistake! I forgot there are more than one .223 calibers. So I kept seeing Rem. .223 PMC, CBC, etc. thinking, " man, Remington sure has a lot of subsidiary ammo companies" not realizing it's because the caliber is Rem.223!:rolleyes: (what a knucklehead).

canebrake 11-18-2009 03:39 AM

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