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winds-of-change 09-10-2010 04:50 AM

Buying bulk ammunition
I can see that I'm going to be going to the range fairly often and I'd like to buy ammunition in, say, packages of 500 or so instead of just 50 at a time. I believe you can buy it cheaper that way. Can any of you tell me where you buy bulk ammunition, if you do. I googled it and found some sites but I'd like to know what your experiences have been. Thanks.

doctherock 09-10-2010 04:53 AM

What I find steers me away from the bulk ammo on some sites in the shipping fees. If I can buy it cheaper locally than I can online than I get it here. I did find cabelas had some good deals and they come in cheaper by a few dollars a box with shipping than most stores.

canebrake 09-10-2010 04:55 AM

Can you buy ammo in noboma land?

AmmoEngine: .45 ACP, Instock For Sale Premium & Discount Ammunition, Ammo Deals

AMMOMAN.COM d/b/a Discount Distributors

Georgia Arms - .45 ACP

Ammunition To Go : Your one stop for all of your ammunition needs!

45 ACP Ammo | Bulk .45 ACP Ammunition For Sale Cheap

Cheaper Than Dirt - America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter

Shooting Supplies And Ammo at Sportsman's Guide

Ammo - Natchez Shooters Supplies

Outdoor Marksman Corporation & BUYAMMO.COM

Buffalo Bore Ammunition | Strictly Big Bore - Strictly Business e=5&zenid=c9220780aa828f5f57e0b14d418fe6db

There's a start.

Use ammoengine like shopping at Sam's Club. Not always the "Best Price", shop around.

I have used the next 5 with good luck.

The rest I've heard positive remarks from members.

Ammoman, I'd stay away from the steel case Russian Wolf or Golden Bear. The Cerb PRVI PARTISAN is cheap but dirty. Its good for target practice, reliable and provides you a good work-out cleaning your gun.

winds-of-change 09-10-2010 07:27 AM

Thanks. I'll look into some of those sites. I suppose I just might do better buying as I have been. I forgot about shipping. :(

CA357 09-10-2010 07:45 AM

I buy from the ones already posted or several others. Don't forget Wally World, they have some pretty good prices. Some online outfits offer free shipping if you buy a certain amount. I think Ammoman does that.

Here's a few more:

A1 Ammo | Ammunition For Sale | Discount Rifle, Handgun Ammunition

Target Sports USA | Discount Ammunition Online | Ammo For Sale | Reloading Supplies | Shooting Products...

Discount Hunting Supplies, Shooting Supplies, Ammunition - Able Ammo

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