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Better then nothing?

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A perfectly placed hit with .22LR is LOADS better than miss with .44 magnum, and while I in NO WAY would CHOOSE a .22, it damn sure beats threatening them with bad credit!!!! Like they told you, practice, not only plinking, but also try to set targets up in such a way it imitates defensive shooting AND buy a larger, more powerful gun LAST YEAR. When you do get ready to get a better defensive gun, look for good used .357 magnum revolvers with 4" barrels. You'll be suprized when they might actually be much more affordable than you think. In the meantime, you're prefecting trigger control, proper grip, and good sight alignment.
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they are pretty cheap i think i got my rossi .357 2 incher for 240ish. it was a very nice gun. i sold it to my best freind so he could have a home defense gun to go with his new house and family. i beleive every home should have a gun inside
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You might consider a 22lr/22 magnum revolver
Practice with the lr, change cylinders for the mag and home defense
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If I wanted to use a 22lr for home defense, I would get one of these (See link)

Just think - less than seven seconds, you can dump 176 rounds and if anybody or anything is in front of you, I'm sure they will be toast.
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Default do you spell i hate words like that

burglar.......I think? I hate words like that too!
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.22 to kill a man... This takes me back to the first time my dad let us use the handguns. A .22LR Browning Buckmark, with a trigger job, nice easy to point pistol. My brother and I each had 10 rounds each at a target 10 metres (30ft) away. We got similar groups, about the size of my dad's fist (we were 10 and 12, my brother is older), which we weren't happy with, as we were used to rifles and were both tight groupers with the old Brno .22LR. Noticing our frowns at our handi work, for a little encouragement, my dad picked up my target, and held it over his heart.

"I think if you had to use one for real, you'd ****ing kill 'em."

At age 10, that was a little disconcerting, now I am just glad I have been shooting so long.

Wait I had a point... That's right, bullet placement. Stop the heart, or the brain, you stop the threat.
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If a 22 is what you are comfortable with then use it. Any gun is better than no gun. Or get a 22 and shot the heck out of it and then in a few months jump to a 38/357 mag. You can get some light 38 spec loads and then for carry or HD I would load up on the 357 mag. You don't want to go to fast as this can cause bad habits that could end up getting you killed in the long run.

If you can take a deer sized animal with a 22lr it will kill a man. For me it would not be a first choice but I have been shooting 20+ years and I am not recoil sensitive at all. I will shoot anything 5 times. I prefer a 45acp with 230gr Gold dots. But that packs some punch even in a full size frame.

I would also recommend going with a revolver over a semi auto. Less to go wrong and easier to operate in a stressful spot.

Wasn't there a story not that long ago where an older man defended his home and wife with a 22? If I remember right it malfunctioned due to old ammo. But it still saved their lives.

Go just go get one of
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