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Dgunsmith 07-13-2007 01:58 PM

Ammo Source :
There is a shortage of quality factory ammo and ALL the Manufacturers have raised the prices.

.223 is very hard to find in stock. He has Winchester, Remington, S&B

I recommend trying PRO LOAD DISTRIBUTORS out of Idaho.

John will tell you if it is in stock, quote a great competative price and has great Fedex ground shipping rates with same day shipping.
(208) 772-2339 or online

Great Folks with good service and price...and take credit cards !

JMHO..hope it helps:eek:

sixgunner 07-20-2007 11:45 AM

Pricing is not bad but their website is not working well in either of my browsers. Amateur web designers no doubt. Anywho thanks for the tip.

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