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Accurate .308 bullets

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Default Sounds Great!

Originally Posted by bgeddes View Post
I think I understand the neck size thing, but I am going to leave it to the more enlightened group.

I am having a competition benchrest gun built right now. Barrel (mine will be a Hart, as they are 10 miles from my house), a Rem 40-X action, McMillian stock recycled, and chambered in 30BR. All the pieces are there, the load has been worked out by a lot of previous competitors. The issue this year is bullets for competition. Tough to find for the 30BR locally. My father-in-law has been shooting and building IBS guns for 20+ years and he is concerned, and he knows everybody. One of his pals will probably end up making us some bullets for my gun, but top shelf stuff is getting tough to find.

Just one of those things I guess.....
Looks like you have all your ducks in a row. Good luck on the bullets, and the making of a winner of a gun
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Sierra Match King -- which are target bullets.

But if you're going after accuracy . . .

You should read the comments Varmint Al has on his site, "Varmint Al's Reloading Page"

Varmint Al's Handloading/Reloading Page

You need to get a digital scale and weigh/group bullets.

Weigh/group brass. Get some match grade brass . . . more consistent weight/volume.

Keep track of "lots" in brass, how many times it's been fired, loaded.

Sinclair makes a neck trimmer. Neck trimming improves accuracy (time consuming too!)

Primer pocket prep. Clean, ream pocket seat, clean up flash-hole.

Trim the necks. You can anneal necks too.

I NEVER tumble brass! Nicks up the neck/mouth. Varmint Al talks about this.

(Varmint Al is a retired structural engineer for Lawrence Livermoore, "the nuclear bomb people.")

The group in my avatar is FIVE shots, 1" circle, from 100 yds off a bench. Rem. 700P, and some really fussy ammo prep. "String" was because the wind was blowin' . . .
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You need to get a digital scale and weigh/group bullets. Digital scales are not as accurate as a beam scale. I know I have both and my digital will be off by up to .2gr. My beam is at most .1gr off that is 50% better.

I also wasted time grouping bullets. With any good match bullet they are going to be so close in weight that it will not make a difference.

I weighed 500 168gr SMK the heaviest was 168.3 lightest was 167.9. your talking .4 gr over 500 bullets. most of them were within .1gr again not enough to worry about.

I agree with weighing and sorting brass if you want to be that anal. Buy the good stuff and you won't have to do that. When I say the good stuff that is not win rem or federal that is Lapua. I also agree with keeping your brass in lots and keeping track of how many times it has been fired.

Neck trimming is different than neck turning. Neck turning in a factory rifle will gain you nothing other than shorter brass life. The only time you really need to turn necks is if you have a tight neck chamber. You will see 6mm br or 6mm ppc with a .262 neck that is saying you have to turn your necks so that when the bullet is seated they are .261" in dia.

Cleaning primer pockets is a wast of time unless they are so dirty you can't seat primer.

Annealing is a dark art. You need to buy a annealing machine or be real good with a torch and have some burn proof fingers. Annealing should only be done after 3 or 4 firings. The nice thing about brass is that when you heat it and cool it fast it does not change like steel does.

Tumbling brass has never hurt the accuracy of my loads. If you have a case reamer and a deburring tool that takes care of that.

Varmint Al is a great guy I have talked to him a few times.
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For 16 years I used nothing but Sierra Matchking and Gameking bullets and achieved excellent results. Recently I tried a box of Berger 168gr. Match VLD (very low drag) bullets which have a B.C. of .535 (unheard of with any other manufacturer). I got the tightest group I ever fired with those bullets. Their design is drastically different thanm the most streamlined Sierra or Nosler bullet. The only problem is that they cost $37 a box/100. Not for plinking, but I wouldn't use anything else for long range shooting. I recently did a side-by-side comparison with the Sierra 168gr. BTHP Matchking and the Berger 168gr. Match VLD - the Berger won hands down. What I will purchase next is perhaps the most important piece of equipment to ensure long range accuracy, and that is a competition seating die. Anyone who has reloaded long enough has experienced shaving a tiny sliver of copper jacket off of a bullet during the seating operation. This is because the standard seating dies do not properly center the bullet concentrically with the case mouth and the compound leverage of the press makes it very easy to "shave" the bullet. Tests have shown as much as .75" group spread due to this problem. Competition dies (expensive as hell) eliminate this problem.
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