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davemccarthy707 06-27-2013 08:26 PM

Accurate 2495 powder
I am reloading the .303 British with the little Lee hand loader. I have been using 38.4gr of H4895 under a 180gr Speer RN. I could only get Accurate 2495 powder at my local store. According to loads listed I need 44gr of Auurate 2495 to achieve comparable results with the same bullets. My question is this. If I use the 2.8cc dipper how many grains of accurate 2495 is this? It is not listed on the Lee Pwder chart. Now I did call accurate and they said the VMD of that powder is .071. I have calculated 44grains to be 3.1cc. Am I right on this calculation? Thanks!

mich1377usmc 06-27-2013 09:25 PM

Dave The new slide chart I have from LEE reads AA2495 using a LEE 2.80cc dipper equals approx. 37.4 grains powder. Hope this helps btw I may start loading for my 303 Brits . Mickey

davemccarthy707 06-27-2013 09:32 PM

Thanks! That is exactly the info I was looking for!

mich1377usmc 06-28-2013 10:34 AM

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Dave. Here is a pix of AA2495 from charge card, hope it is readable. Mickey

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huffmanite 06-30-2013 12:47 AM

Darn, this post reminded me of something. I have a set of Lee dippers I seldom use. I prefer to use the 30 or so dippers I've made over the years that are all altered Lee dippers. I've charted the grains of powder each will consistently throw for around 16 different powders. I've spent many an hour with a couple of different digital scales confirming the grains of a particular powder they will throw. I'm very comfortable using them. I may be off a minor bit on grains they throw, but feel my charges in reloads are consistent with them.

This Monday, I should receive a delivery of rifle powder from Powder Valley and there are several powders I've never used in it. Powders I prefer to use are just not available and was forced to find new powders for cartridges I reload. Darn it! Have to spend a fair amount of time figuring out the grains my 30 or so dippers will throw.

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