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unclebear 10-29-2011 12:51 AM

7.62X54R vs coyote
I'm going coyote hunting soon and instead of using my old mans 7mm mag with soft points I'm going to use my 91/30 mosin nagant. Should I buy soft points or will a FMJ still just put down the bastards?

With the 7mm mag soft point it really messes them up, but I have over 100rds of FMJ 7.62X54R and don't really want to spend the money if I don't have to. :confused:

trip286 10-29-2011 01:41 AM

There is really no such thing as overkill, but a 7 mag, and even the 7.62x54r is pretty close when it comes to coyote.

People hunt those with varmint rounds. You don't need any kind of soft point to drop a 'yote with one of those. In fact, even with soft points I'd be a bit worried about over-penetration, and surprised if you didn't have that issue with the 7 mag.

To answer, soft point is fine but not necessary. That round will have no problem dropping a coyote.

Save a little meat to throw on the grill.

unclebear 10-29-2011 02:47 AM

Never really worried about over pen, the only reason I was started using it is because it has a scope on it. I do have a 30-30 but I can't really hit much with it past 100yrds as where I done some pretty nice shooting at around 150 with my mosin.

Honestly a lot of guys don't eat the meat, I find this odd but with the right cooking it's pretty damn good.

1982flh80 10-31-2011 03:17 PM

Don't laugh but...
I knew of a fellow hunter who shot deer with a 220 swift and killed them very dead. Hunts varmints with either a .17hmr or .22 mag. Kills 'em within an average range of 150 yrds. Shoots rats with with them too but has since purchased a Gamo air rifle for those vermin. He uses a set of night vision goggles and a fixed 4 power scope on the gamo. Easily spots 'em at night on his farm near the grain storage silo or warehouse. Very effective rifle fun and cheap to shoot. And kills rats dead. Says that BB's kill quicker than the pellets. The bb's blow clean through with a small exit hole. I think it's because the bb's are cheaper.

Lorkhan 11-06-2011 09:25 PM

If you shoot something with a 7.62X54 and it ain't dead, leave it be it's not his time yet

PatrickHarrison 11-07-2011 12:09 PM

I ran into the same situation with my mosin nagant and a coyote 200 yard iron sight shots shooting 180 grain winchesters after i shot 4 times he was bein a show off just standing there so i popped a 150 grain custom load in the chamber and with persicion shooting i dropped the dog dead. Little hole on the left shoulder big gaping hole blown in the right shoulder! So realy the 7.62x54R is plenty nuff for a 'yote

hoganfireman 11-07-2011 01:28 PM

7.62 x54mm is enough for most big game in the northern hemisphere. Its a helluva round.

PatrickHarrison 11-07-2011 06:45 PM

Id even say id hunt moose or mister big brown bear with the 7.62x54R with some 200 grain bullet or a 250 grain custom handload haha make sure to have that bayonet on hand tho

trip286 11-07-2011 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by PatrickHarrison (Post 621778)
Id even say id hunt moose or mister big brown bear with the 7.62x54R with some 200 grain bullet or a 250 grain custom handload haha make sure to have that bayonet on hand tho

Google "bear hunting with Mosin Nagant" apparently it has been done very much, and with great success. I've heard claims that Eskimos have even taken polar bears with them.

PatrickHarrison 11-07-2011 07:36 PM

Lmfao thats awesome next time i see a bear down round waco texas i know what gun to use ;) btw ill look at the literature

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