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44 Magnums

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Originally Posted by Ruzai View Post
Hornady's 300 grain XTP fits in them without dragging on the mag wall. That and I saw a 270 grain listed for recommended ammo on the MRI website. But we'll see what does and doesn't work in this old hand cannon. I think I need a tune up kit because my extractor is acting weird. I cycle the action dummies through it and on the last round it will only pull it halfway to 3/4ths way out of the chamber before letting go. Does it in all 5 mags and even without one in the gun.
I'mma call MRI tomorrow at lunch and get a couple questions answered that I couldn't get answered from digging around for them.
Im just relaying my experiences loading for my wife's de. Max bullet i can seat safely at recommended length and still fit in the magazine is 240. Granted im not a real experimenty type person when it comes to my wife shooting my handloads so mileage may vary.

Definately get a tune up kit. I change the springs in her gun every thousand rounds. De really eat up.springs
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Originally Posted by onenut58 View Post
Your 629 is not going to go out of time shooting 44 magnum loads.Back a few years ago silouette shooting was very popular.The long ranges made people build up very hot loads above recomended pressures and shoot the hell out of them.Ruger and dan wesson built heavier stronger guns that would with stand the severe pounding and over presure loads. The smith and wessons cylinder stop would some times let loose. This would cause the cylinder to slip backwards one notch.You would pull the trigger and be on the spent cartidge you just shot.
Although agravating it was not dangerous and was address a few years later with deeper longer slots in the cylinder and beefed up internals that would not move.
You can fire thousands of full house 44 mag loads through your 629 and it wont take your gun out of time. It is very rare for a smith and wesson to go out of time.There never was a timming problem just the lock slipping loose for one notch.
I am a member of the smith and wesson forums and we occasionaly get some one who has bought into this myth usualy started by some one with a ruger.
You can go to smith and wesson forums where they will explain to you the same thing I just did. You will get manny model 29 and 629 owners who have fired thousands of rounds through there guns with no problems posting.You exceed recomended pressures on any gun including a ruger its not wise.
You stay with in the recomended pressure ranges of your gun and unless your rich and got a lot fo time to waste ammo your gun will out last you and more than likely a few gernerations after you.
i agree with this because the manufacturers will test their pruducts way more than the average consumer ever will. when a manufacturer doesn't do this type of testing and the product ends up on the market, chances are the consumer does find its failings and flaws. what happens next are bad reviews and a bad reputation, thus the product usually doesn't last very long and said company will usually go the way of the dodo bird. reputable companies spend a lot of money on R&D and will back up their product with a warranty.
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Having read none of the replies, I'll add my two cents, for which you'll pay nothing :P .

First, 300gr bullets don't exactly scream "moderate loads" to me :P . If you want them so you can practice with the same weight you intend to use for hunting, that's good. But, otherwise you'll have more recoil and spend more money for nothing.

As far as down-loading goes, with faster powders that aren't position-sensitive, you can really load down. Just make sure you seat the bullet to an appropriate depth to reduce empty case volume for more consistent burns. A really light plinking load for me is a 200gr bullet seated backwards, over about 3.8gr of Unique. Quieter than .22lr from a rifle, and comes out at about 700fps (from an 8" barrel). I load the bullets backwards both so I get the wadcutter profile for easier target identification, and so I can seat the bullet deeper into the case and still get a good crimp (essentially flush, with an OAL of like 1.32" IIRC). Don't load too hot like this, though, because you'll get a lot of leading and gap blast due to the extreme "boat-tail" profile.

A more standard practice, though, would be about 6-7gr of unique behind an otherwise standard seating depth. Under a 200gr bullet seated to 1.57", it should give about 900fps (out of an 8" barrel).


And I agree that you shouldn't worry too much about it going "out of time." I've put over 1000 loads probably nearing 40k PSI through my Bull, and it's still not only perfectly timed, but lockup is tight and it hasn't become any looser in general.

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