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JTJ 10-25-2011 12:17 AM

410 Slug loads
I have been looking at 410 shotguns lately and I am wondering about crafting some slug loads. The factory loads are worse than anemic unless someone knows of some that are better than 1/5 oz. I have seen some info on 147 gr wad cutters in .357. Single and double loads. The 410 shoots a .36 caliber within a plastic wad/tube. It seems it would be easy to make a Breneke type slug by attaching a long base wad to a solid .357 bullet possibly a semi wad cutter in the 158-200 gr range.
A second thought was if a sabot could be made to spin in a smooth bore barrel. Looking at cylinder bore for both slugs.
Anyone working with the 410 or any ideas? A 3" shell carries 5 #000 buckshot which is why I am interested.

c3shooter 10-25-2011 01:29 AM

Anemic for a reason. SAAMI pressures for 2.5 inch .410 is 12,500. For a .357, 35,000. Just my opinion, and while I have killed deer with .410 (including my first one) really not impressed with .410 ballistics.

However, dove hunting with one can be a GREAT lesson in humility! :)

JTJ 10-25-2011 03:56 AM

The 3" shell is 13,500. 12 gauge is 11,500. The 2.5" slugs are only 1/5 oz. Win loads a 3" 1/4 oz. Paraklese Technologies has a 2.5" 168 gr hollow point slug @1400fps $1.50 each. They also have a 4 ball load .375"/78 grn @1200fps $1.87 ea. Hoping to find something a little cheaper.

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