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BPHunter 04-05-2011 02:19 AM

.40 S & W Reloads
I'm just getting into reloading the .40 S & W round, and would like to find some good loads using a 165 Gr. HBFP bullet. I've had experience in the 9 mm and .45 ACP rounds, but not the 40. Thanks

VitSports6 04-05-2011 09:34 PM

What kind of powder were you going to use?
Most powder makers have their own load data, I would check that out first.
I will soon be loading .40S&W myself, But I have all my load data in order.
I hope that helps.

robocop10mm 04-05-2011 09:40 PM

Hodgdon lists a number of loads for 165 gr bullets in the .40. The only powder they list that I have much experience with is W-231

4.8 gr @946 fps
5.1 gr @1001 fps

That is a start for you. W-231 is not one of the new "gee-wiz" high tech powders. It works for me though.

VitSports6 04-06-2011 03:50 AM

I use RamShot, ZIP for my 9mm and light .44 loads.

165gr jacketed

5.1gr 925 FPS to 5.7gr 1028 FPS

BPHunter 04-07-2011 11:59 AM

Thanks for all the info. I've been reloading since 1975 and the reason I needed the input is because most of my reloading manuals were published before the .40 S & W round was invented. Like robocop10mm, I,ve used the older powders (Bullseye, Unique, 2400 and W-231) for the majority of my handgun loads. It looks as if I need to get some updated loading books. Thanks for the help.

robocop10mm 04-07-2011 08:50 PM

You can get all the info you need online. Go to the powder maker's web site and look up the loads.

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