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.308 vs 30-06 vs .270

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In no particular order:


Line 'em up any way you want, it is mostly a matter of personal preference.
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.308 is my favorite, because it fits my hunting environment. I have from small roe deer to large boar and red deer. I can shoot the roe without damaging too much meat, yet take out the bigger game eith one shot. So, this round is most versatile for me.
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So I assume that cartridge and action length makes no difference to you? I personally would not buy either one, but I am an odd ball kind of guy who prefers and reloads the more obscure cartridges. That said, there is no right or wrong answer to your question. Either one of the three will do. In fact, type of action and rifle choice may be a more important determining factor.
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I have owned 270 and 30.06. I was very happy with both calibers. I currently hunt with the 30.06 and have found it to be quite capable. it has been one of the best range guns I have had also. With the right cartridge, it can do anything you ask it to do. As for .270, the only trouble I ever had with it was distance s beyond 300...and that was the cartridge and shooter error, not the

Good luck!

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Out there in the real world, there is no practical difference.
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I live and hunt in South Central Georgia. Primarily, white tail deer and wild hog. I've hunted with all three calibers. 270 has a lot of velocity but 308 has more knock down force. 30-06 at less than 200 yards, in my opinion causes to much damage. Therefore, I hunt with 308. True, it's harder to come by than 30-06 or 270 but I'm sticking to it. In reality, any of the three would serve you well.
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my suggestion is the 30-06 because of ammo selection and availability just about anywhere you go. very versatile round that's been around for a long time, and just about everybody that builds a rifle, makes one chambered in 30-06, plus there are varios types of rifles chambered in 30-06.

the 308 is the least recoiling of the three with the 270 just under the 30-06.

here's a link to a recoil table.
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All 3 are capable calibers and each has its own areas where it shines above the other two. my choice though would be 06, 308, then 270, for a couple of reasons. 06 ammo can be found anywhere, even in podunk usa population 30. 308 may not be quite as readily availible but still pretty common. in some places i've hunted and browsed through those small town general stores, nary a 270 was to be found. (along with other calibers)
The other factor for me, is the wide range of bullets available in 30 cal.
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Originally Posted by bowhunter17 View Post
I plan on hunting white tailed deer and target shooting. I might try to start realizing when I get a lot older.
Kewl. Any of your 3 listed guns will work great on Whitetail, and there is little cost difference between the 3 cartridges where I am at. (Unless you are buying bulk military 30.06 or 308, then it can be cheaper for target shooting).

I want to have 3 bolt guns only. Small, medium, and a heavy caliber. Any of your choices would make a great medium game rifle for my needs.
If you plane on getting many rifles in your safe, its a toss up for the 3. If you want just one gun to do it all in north america, get the 30.06
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