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dustinoif3 05-02-2012 12:24 AM

30-06 on dillon 550b
I've been reloading pistol calibers for awhile now. Looking to start reloading for the garand and have die questions. Is anyone running 2 die sets or should I just get a 3 die set? Also is the seating/crimping a good idea or do I need a separate crimp die?

ryguy00 05-02-2012 12:46 AM

i run a 2 die set to do .223 on my dillon 550b. i do all of my 30-06 on a single stage, again with a 2 die set. but if i were to do it on the dillon, i would still use the 2 die set. A 3 die set will seperate seating and crimping to avoid shaving the bullet on the mouth of the case while it's being crimped and seated at the same time. however, if you are experiencing this problem, you have your crimp adjusted wrong to start with.

same would go for pistol rounds on the dillon. therefore, 3 die sets are unnecessary for pistol rounds. you need a resizer and a seat/crimp die. the flaring die is basically provided in the caliber conversion kit and the powder measure will sit on top of it. then you resize/prime, flare/powder charge, seat/crimp, and still have an empty hole in the fourth stage. I suppose you can seperate seating and crimping if you absolutely cannot stand to look at an empty hole in the toolhead.

masterPsmith 05-02-2012 01:12 AM

I always use 3 die sets on my 550s. I prefer to seat and crimp in separate stations.


rjd3282 05-02-2012 12:15 PM

I think seating and crimping is best done separately. By the way so does Dillon.

dustinoif3 05-02-2012 03:15 PM

Okay guys. Thx for the info! One more question. On the 2 die are there differences? The other night I saw a 2 die set that the first die re-sized, de-primed and flared. The other die set/crimped. Is that normal on a 2 die set or can you get them to de-prime, re-size one station 1 then seat/crimp on three? Then I could just throw a powder funnel in station 2. I've already got shell plate one and #1 buttons from the 45acp conversion.

JonM 05-02-2012 03:36 PM

I dont crimp rifle cartridges unless its going to be fired in a semiauto or lever gun or for something like a belted magnum type cartridge.

When i do crimp i do it as a seperate step. Ive found that crimp at the time of seating leads to poorer accuracy. I might be wrong its just my take on it. Ive had no interest in actually testing

dustinoif3 05-02-2012 05:22 PM

K. I may be a little anal when it comes to loading and I've got separate crimp dies for all my pistol cartridges. I'll just start looking for a 4 die set or bite the bullet and buy a set from dillon. Thx!

locutus 05-02-2012 06:28 PM

I seat and crimp in separate operations.

I used a 650 when I did a lot of shooting, and I found that loading went smoother and faster if I resized/decapped on the old single stage press, and then did all other operations on the 650.

I always tumbled my brass in corn cob media after sizing to remove the lube. On the 650, I used a RCBS universal decapping die in the sizing stage to knock out any corncob media that stuck in the flash hole.

anm2_man 05-04-2012 07:38 PM

I do a 2 step on my Dillon 650 (But I also did this on my old 550 b4 I got the 650). Station 1 has a standard full length Dillon die to size and decap. Station 2 is empty. Station 3 has a Dillon 1200 trimmer. Station 4 is empty. Station 5 has a lee universal flaring die ( I do this because all of my rounds are Crimped and it makes it easier to insert the projectile in step 2).

After cleaning the lube off, If its military first reload, I swage the brass.

Step 2 is this: Station 1 is a lee Universal decaping die (will remove any stuck corn cob). Station 2 standard Dillon powder measure (w/extra capacity tube). Station 3 is a Dillon powder check system. Station 4 is a bullet seating Dillon die. Station 5 is a std Dillon crimp die.

Note if your using a 550, you cannot use the lee universal flaring die.

This setup makes perfect ammo.

locutus 05-04-2012 11:00 PM

Might just be me, but I much better results with Redding Pro dies than I did with Dillon dies.

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