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Apex-Predator 02-09-2013 02:22 PM

270 WSM loads?
I have a Savage 11 270 short mag that I already reload for, but I bought this for a long ranged gun and the fastest thing I have grouping well is a 130gr SGK at 3140fps under a charge of IMR4350, I know the 270 WSM is capable of quite a bit more that that, and I could step my game up a bit with 140 or 150gr projectiles (Serria, Hornady, Speer, and Nosler already got them) I have a nice stockpile of slow burning powders RL22, Hunter, RL19, H1000, H4831, AA3100, and of course 4350. What are your pet loads in 140 and 150gr for the 270 WSM?

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