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bpartwthog 02-27-2011 07:15 AM

223 vs 7.62x39 vs 308
looking to add mmmm maybe the final instrument to my deterent arsenal. I have a mini-14 and SR556, good,reliable .223 / 5.56 nato.:) I also have a Remington model 700 SPS tactical in .308 win.:D So far this has been great out to two hundred yards (rifle range limit ). I'm looking for something in-between that packs a good punch. I am a fan of Ruger products, what would be anybody's take on the mini-30 in ( 7.62x39mm) semi-auto vs their new scout rifle bolt action in .308 win, or maybe the DPMS .308 oracale semi-auto. Just looking for GOOD stopping power at 25yd to 75yd ranges.

mach1337 02-27-2011 03:54 PM

Hi bpartwthog. seems to me that you already have what your looking for in ytour mini and sr556. there are alot of people that put good groups out to 100 yards with 5.56 rounds. and im sure that it has plenty of power. if your looking for something with more bullet weight with the same distance a cheap route would be a ak or a sks.

mach1337 02-27-2011 03:56 PM

probably should have a admin move this thread to the long gun section of the forum.

JTJ 02-27-2011 10:23 PM

6.8 SPC available in the mini 14.

jpattersonnh 02-27-2011 10:50 PM

Good stopping power against what? Seems your set on a semi auto.

bpartwthog 02-28-2011 01:52 AM

jpat-I am a not getting any younger white dude a stones throw away from sixty-I live in a area that is 75% spanish, 15% black, then the rest of us. A very dear relative lives on the next block that refuses to move ( 80 something and still alittle hyper-active). Believe me I would love to get the hell out of dodge. It is what it is....There are too many side baseball cap wearing young thugs for lack of a more descriptive phase that think they are " it" shooting cheap target ammo sideways out of a 9mm...In the words of Jack Nickleson "Walk softly and have a armored tank division".... Have become very home defensive minded in the last year or so.... Love to sharpen the skills at the range!!! Have learned a lot this past year about firearms handling, shooting and a little law..Jpat, I am not offense minded just big time defense, I would rather be standing before a judge explaining my actions verses being another stat in the obituary...Now that's against WHAT. 6.8 spc- another option.... Gentlemen thanks for the responces

jpattersonnh 02-28-2011 09:44 PM

I was not jumping on you. Never hurts to be prepared. I would seriously look at a lever gun. .30-30 would be VG. Even better would be a pistol caliber lever rifle. I have a model 1892 in .44-40, they come in .357, .45lc, and .44 mag. They have plenty of power at 100 yards, You can fire 2 rounds and reload 2 rounds in a few seconds, 14 round tube magazine. They cycle very fast and are very accurate. Recoil is similar to a .22 rifle.
Que Paso me amigo. Be careful, Patterson is a common name w/ African Americans. I grew up in NY, so I understand were you are coming from.

Richz99 02-28-2011 10:20 PM

My $.02... I'm a big fan of the 7.62x39 out of an AK for home defense or "neighborhood watch" in a riot/wrol/zombie scenario.

masterPsmith 02-28-2011 11:06 PM

I am a fan of the Mini-14 and always have been. I have never been a fan of the Mini-30 though.


bpartwthog 03-01-2011 06:38 AM

Didn't feel jumped on, just explained my thinking.......respect begets respect whether white,black brown or neopolitian. personally I don't think there is enough of it going around these days....

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