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Gordo323 05-06-2010 02:51 AM

.223 Target/ Varmint loads
Hi all, Yeah I have a brand new Savage Model 12 btcss 1in 9 twist , and a Nikon Monarch 2.5-10 scope but no scope mounts or rings yet, got very good replies on suggestions for that, but can't get them for another week.
So heres my dilemna, I either need some good recipies for loading a good bullet or I'll have to read my Lymans book again and start from scratch, or go fishing this weekend! What to do?

russ 05-06-2010 06:21 AM

I'm afraid I'm no help on powder/primers, but with a 1:9 twist I would suggest a lighter bullet, say a 52-53gr.

cpttango30 05-06-2010 10:58 AM


Oh in a 9 twist look at the Hornady V-max in 60gr. These shoot like a laserbeam in my AR with a 9 twist.

My go to load for my bolt gun is

50gr Hornady V-Max
CCI BR4 primer
Winchester case
24 gr of XMR-2015

Here is a bunch of data for the 223 from My AR load is the 60gr V-Max by graymist.

Txhillbilly 05-07-2010 01:42 AM

You should be able to shoot up to a 70gr bullet out of you rifle with a 1-9 twist.

As far as loads,you'll just have to find what your gun/barrel likes. Hornady VMax in 55 & 60gr shoot great out of most guns,as well as most of the brands of ballistic tipped varmint bullets.
60-70gr soft point bullets should also shoot well out of it.

Powders that I use for 223- Hodgdon- H322 - H335 - BL-C(2) - Varget
Alliant- Reloader 10X - Reloader 15

Get yourself as many reloading guides as possible,I like to get the bullet mfg's reloading data first,and then look at the powder mfg's load data. Alot of the time they are different on the charges. Start low and work your way up,and look for any high pressure signs.

Make sure to clean your new Savage alot when you first shoot it. The bores are usually pretty rough from the factory,and they powder and copper/lead foul pretty fast.When your shots start taking off,it will take a good barrel scrubbing to get it back in line.
Some barrels shoot great out of the box,some need to be broke in with alot of rounds down the pipe.

Have fun with your new gun,every Savage I have is a shooter.

Gordo323 05-07-2010 02:01 AM

Yeah thanks for the info., I have a box of 60 gr. V-max and some Varget powder so will work up some different loads and see what happens.
It sucks to have a gun and a scope but no mounts and can't shoot it, so I guess thats why I load bullets, something to do when not shooting!

cpttango30 05-07-2010 02:17 AM

Varget works best with 50 to 52gr bullets.

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