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diggsbakes 08-25-2010 03:26 AM

Winchester Ranger Model 120 Info.
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I picked up this Winchester off of GB for a pretty good deal. I've been looking all over the web (much more than my prerequisite "Google" ;)) and I can't seem to find any solid info. regarding collect-ability, dates of manufacture, etc. I can't even locate it in my Gun Digest price guide???

I know it's an "economical" version of the 1300, but I read somewhere that there were only 5,000 of these made. Don't know if that's true or not.

I was originally gonna saw the barrel down (to 18-1/2" of course) and install a pistol grip, but I'd hate to modify a firearm that could be desired by a collector.

Anyone with experience with these?

robocop10mm 08-25-2010 01:11 PM

The Ranger 120's were "economy" versions of the 1200/1300 shotguns. Think of them as the Winchester version of the Remington 870 Express. Lesser quality finish and wood. I do not know about production numbers but there is generally little interest in "bargain" level firearms (unless only one or two ever made). Even if they commanded a premium for scarcity, they would be worth about $200.

I have one and love it. $150 new and shoots great. Enjoy your new utility shotgun.

diggsbakes 08-25-2010 08:25 PM

Thanks Robo, so what do you vote, chop it up or leave it?

If I chopped it up (18" and pistol grip) I could make an external backpack holster and have a great woods gun w/ slugs/buck shot, on the other hand it is a good camp site gun as is, but I'd always have to still have a big bore revolver for the trails.

Decisions, decisions. . .

robocop10mm 08-26-2010 01:49 AM

Chop it. Do you know how to do it properly?

diggsbakes 08-28-2010 01:58 AM

No, But I always do my homework for good preparation for any firearms related project.

Do you have any suggestions or links to any place that would have helpful guidance?

c3shooter 08-28-2010 07:19 PM

First suggestion- do not take the barrel below 19 inches- just in case YOUR ruler is off a smidgen. A smidgen is defined as 10 years in a Federal pen.

Second, it IS possible to cut a barrel yourself, and do it right. The best means would be a lathe (IMHO) but can be done with a power hacksaw- or even a hand saw IF you have a 90 degree reference in 2 planes to keep the cut square and plumb. You will also want to crown the barrel when cut- the are tools for that- or use a drill driven brass ball and lapping compound. Or find yourself a smith, and contribute a coupla dollars to supporting the arts (of gunsmithing). Be certain that your overall length will also exceed 26 inches, or you get dropped into the Class III SBS category.

DO NOT USE A PIPECUTTER. The type with the hardened wheels that you clamp around a pipe and twist. They compress the pipe when cutting thru it, and reduce the diamter right at the cut. Not a big deal on a gas pipe, big deal on a shotgun muzzle. That and some barrels can be surprisngly tough metal.

diggsbakes 08-29-2010 09:37 PM

Thanks a bunch. I think I'll take it into a Smith and ask if I can pay him a little extra to allow me to watch the process.

RMc 09-03-2010 03:57 AM

Try Mike Orlen Barrel Mechanic
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