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ArmyOfFurbies 10-18-2007 04:33 PM

Well Built Shotgun
I am fabricating my own ammo and putting some creative things in it so I need a very sturdy shotgun for testing different things. I was wondering what your opinions are on which shotgun to purchase that is the sturdiest and hardest to break. Thanks in advance

robocop10mm 10-18-2007 06:10 PM

Well built shotgun
IMHO the Winchester 1200/1300 series is the strongest repeating shotgun available. Unfortunately, they are no longer made but good used versions are available. The FN pump gun is the same design just a bit expensive. The Winchester barrel is MUCH stronger than the Remington. The Winchester uses a multi-lug bolt that locks into the barrel ala AR-15. The Remington uses a locking block that engages a slot in the receiver. Remington was the target of a class action lawsuit that alleged inferior barrels. I have never heard of probelm with the Mossberg barrels but I do not like the way their trigger groups go in. The shell stops are loose parts (at least on the 500's) that a PITA to put back together. The Remington uses shell stops that are staked into the receiver. They get unstaked and are a PITA to fix. The Winchester uses shell stops that attach to the trigger group. They can be easily replaced and are easy to install. The trigger group reinstalls easily with out hassle.

I have 3 Winchesters and 0 Remingtons.

So what kind of ammo are you talking about loading? I cast my own buckshot and also load flechettes that are fun to play with. I would like to cast slugs and play with them.

matt g 10-19-2007 12:26 AM

It is ill advised to fire any ammo that is loaded by someone who doesn't know what they are doing. This can result in the death of you and those around you. There is no need to put "creative" things in shotgun shells.

In many states, this can also be illegal.

Catfish 10-19-2007 01:13 AM

Sounds to me like your trying to kill yourself. I loaded my own ammo for over 40 years, but have never got creative to where I was looking for a stronger gun. There are fools that reload and there are old guys that reload, but there are no old foolish guys that reload.
I reload for several wildcats for which there is really no relliable data for, but I have been reloading for over 40 years, I know what to look for, for signs of presure, I have a real good knowledge for the burn rate chart, I understand the relation between bore dia. and bullet weight as it relates to presure and I always start loading for a new round at about 40% of what I think max. loads should be. For give me if I insalt you, but from what you said I don`t think you have any business reloading.

EHCRain10 12-06-2007 04:00 AM

single shots seem to have alot of metal around the chamber area?

matt g 12-06-2007 01:29 PM

This guy last logged on 10/18/07. He must have gone ahead and made his own magical shotgun shells.

rickrem700 12-06-2007 03:27 PM

Hey bro; Catfish is right, no need to reinvent the wheel, it's all been done, some with better results than others, the good lord only gave you two eyes and ten fingers and one life, personally I would not risk any of them, I don't think anyone is trying to insult you, just trying to prevent you from becoming a statistic!!!
I understand there are men out there you just can't reach!!! If you are one of these guy's then by all means be careful and work your way up on the loads you are creating, as the results could be catastrophic, I would only use a single shot break action, reason being you don't want additional rounds being subject to accidental discharge should one of your creations run amuck!!! I would suggest a heavy Bull barrel like a NEF Pardner in 3" Mag, they are very inexpensive and should you blow it to pieces you will not be out a lot of money. make sure you do not fire these loads your self, you need to find a tree out in the middle of nowhere and secure your gun to it and use some para cord and tie it to the trigger and get as far away as you can and preferably behind something structurally sound!!! I don't know how much reloading experience you have, if not much, then you need to read up on everything you can get your hands on, there are so many variations to reloading it will make your head spin, should you use a bullet that is heavy and a powder that burns fast it all over, and that's just one, ammo company's spend literally millions on research creating the perfect round and market it to all of us, with all the home work already done, most guy's that reload do it to save a little loot or if anything down load a round to a more controllable round, if you are going to try and build a shotgun round that exceeds 3,000 FPS or something crazy like that, stop and think about it, if that were doable they would be selling it to us, believe that!!!, fact of the matter it's just not safe!!!

tipsovr 12-20-2007 09:47 PM

Would there even be a way of measuring how strong a shot shell you would make? (did I ask that correctly?)

Defender 02-14-2008 06:00 AM

With the incredible array of shotgun ammunition available today from reputable manufacturers, there's something for virtually every conceivable use or situation.

I agree with those who said it's not very wise to dabble around trying to make your own.

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