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gunsmoke11 10-30-2013 04:53 AM

V. Berbardelli SXS 12Ga. Shotgun
I've always loved shotguns mfg. by the Italians. Their craftsman have been making them for hundreds of years and they certainly have them down to an art. This V. Bernardelli is a fairly reasonably priced side by side with 28" full and modified barrels, single selective trigger, splinter forend and automatic ejectors is no longer being produced, but is a well made shotgun with all the bells and whistles that includes fancy wood with a satin finish with real nice engraving that you'd expect with a fine shotgun, as well as the addition of factory sling swivels to attach a sling in order to make things a little more pleasant while carrying it around.

A number of years ago I did take it out in the field, but unfortunately found no game to shoot. Because it was getting dark I had to call it a day without even firing a shot, which is what I did intended to do. So it ended up in the back of the safe with the other guns and its been there ever since. I just seemed to forget about it over the years while shooting my other guns and having some physical difficulties kept me from hunting. Maybe after the winter I'll take it out to a range just to have a little enjoyment firing it.

I felt there are people out there who like doubles and since everything is tactical and plastic seeing this type of shotgun might be nice just for a little change of pace.

Virginian 10-30-2013 10:22 AM

Thank heavens someone else on the planet is not into the cheapest gun on the planet, with a flashlight and a bayonet lug. Vincenzo (sp?) Bernardelli Shotguns are excellent guns in my experience. The straight grip, double trigger versions are outstanding bird guns - I have no experience with the pistol gripped models. Unfortunately, they are no longer made, but many fine examples can still be found out there. There are also S. Bernardellis out there, and while they aren't bad, they are not up to the same level in my opinion, or many others.

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