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tCan 05-02-2013 01:46 AM

Tom Knapp has passed :(

akers06 05-02-2013 01:23 PM

It was a sad thing

Robert121571 05-03-2013 08:21 PM

When ever I saw his stuff on TV I enjoyed it. This makes me wish even more that I had copies of the films I saw.

Chestys1911 05-04-2013 01:23 AM

I was watching a show on Outdoor Channel a few days ago with him on it. I had no idea he had passed away. Rest In Peace

Billy9mm 05-04-2013 02:23 AM

Another of the Great Ones gone, way to soon.

kfox75 05-04-2013 07:16 AM

Six of my friends and I are planning a 21 trick shot salute next month at the local rod and gun club in his honor. He inspired many of the sporting clays shooters that I know. As I said in my reply to a similar thread in the club house, I hope he is up there right now putting on an exibition with Herb Parsons for the big man. We now only lost a great showman, we also lost a great ambassador fpr the shooting sports.

R.I.P. Tom. You are missed.

randy420 05-07-2013 12:28 PM


How old was he?

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