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HOTFIREFIGHTER7 08-04-2007 10:32 PM

Syracuse Arms Company 16 Guage
HELLO ALL, I am new and am looking for info on a 16 guage double barrel made by syracuse arms company. i will add more later tonite like to model number. i am looking for a site or address whom i can find out the value of the gun.any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks..

WILDCATT 08-15-2007 07:43 PM

i would guess that it was a gun made for hardware store in the1900 to 1930 era.this is just a quick estimate.not to collectable or value.

R.R. 08-26-2007 10:19 PM

Syracuse Arms built guns from 1893-1906, the 16 was introduced in 1902. More information about the gun would help me to tell you more about it. Grade and condition will determine it's value. Please let me know if it's for sale. Feel free to email/pm me.

Ed21 08-27-2007 12:23 AM

Now, I don't want to appear mean spirited, critical, or anything here but when someone has a question such as this one, why don't they try a "Google search" or some other search engine? I "Googled" "Syracuse Arms Company" and have more reading that I care to partake in at the moment. Google is pretty handy when looking for answers.

ShotgunTom 08-28-2007 03:32 AM

16-bore Syracuse Arms
With all due respect to Ed21, if there is as much misinformation on Google and the variousl other search engines regarding all makes of American guns as one finds with the Syracuse gun; then believing anything one reads there is a waste of time and actually provides a disservice to the gun owner. The 16-bore Syracuse gun was first listed in Syracuse Arms Company catalogs in 1901 (the 20-bore in 1902), and it was offered in all grades from Grade OO, the lowest, to Grade D, the highest; and ranging in suggested retail price from $30 to $475. Major manufacturing modifications to the frame and barrels occurred in 1902, and again in late 1903 or early 1904; therefore it is difficult for the novice to determine which variation of the Syracuse gun he may own. For assistance in this regard, I suggest you acquire back issues of the Double Gun Journal having articles on the Syracuse gun; as these articles represent the most comprehensive work done to date on the various models of the Syracuse gun and the Syracuse Arms Company. Small bore SAC guns (the 16 and 20) are not very common, as these models were introduced late in the life of the company; and it appears actual production had ceased by mid-1905 (certainly by 1906). Most 16-bore examples seen today are in Grade 0 and Grade 2, both plain models will a small flourish of engraving around the lock pins. The simplest way to determine grade is as follows: The Grade 0 will be roll-stamped "New Twist" for barrel steel type atop the barrels, the Grade 2 gun will have "Improved Damascus" roll-stamped atop the barrels, the Grade 3 gun will have the same barrel steel as the Grade 2 gun but will feature 40-50% line and scoll engraving coverage. The Grade A, A-1, B, C, and D guns will feature finer Damacus barrels for each grade or have optional Krupp barrels (Whitworth with the Grade D gun); and the engraving will be as follows: The Grade A gun will be engraved very similar to the style featured on the Grade 3 gun (line and scroll), the A-1 will have finer line and scroll work and two birds on either side of the frame, the Grade B will feature lots of fine scroll and a single pointing dog on either side of the frame, the Grade C gun will feature very fine scroll with full coverage and dogs and birds, the Grade D will feature the finest scroll with double dogs and birds and unique frame sculpting. Stocks for each grade become more elaborate as to carving and checkering patterns with finer pointed diamonds in the checkering panels. The highest grades are somewhat scarce and collectible, and will bring a decent price if in good original condition (although nothing remotely close to the prices paid for Parkers, Smiths, Lefevers, and Foxes). Low grades with little remaining finish have little value; although there is a limited collector demand for low grade SAC guns with lots of remaining original finishes and no aftermarket alterations. I hope you find this information somewhat helpful.

ShotgunTom 08-28-2007 03:53 AM

I wrote a lengthy and indepth reply regading information on your gun that did not post for some unknown reason. Since I do not have time to rewrite same, the absolute best advice anyone can give you as to learning what is known of your gun and the Syracuse Arms Company is to acquire past issues of the Double Gun Journal (they have a web site). There you will find an entire series of in-depth articles on the various grades of SAC guns and what is known of the company; well worth reading. By the way, SAC introduced their 16-bore models in 1901, with their 20-bores (in limited grades) following in 1902. Good luck

BLS33 08-28-2007 04:01 PM

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