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R-BOLT 01-28-2010 12:00 AM

Speed Bead-I had to try it !!!!!!!!!
After months, no a couple of years, I broke down and purchased the Burris
Speed Bead from Optics Planet for my SBEII. Installation was no sweat, had a little trouble tuning the red dot to slightly above my factory bead. Took the mountings back off, disassembled, back together, then it worked just fine.
Powered it up - very cool. I was stoked to get it in the field on a upland game hunt. The next weekend got into the quail, they were just to fast for me to find with the Speed Bead. I work to hard for my birds, to leave it on for the balance of the season. Not a bad deal, leave the mount on, take the red dot sight off with two screws.
I did shoot a coyote and a oppossom on that hunt, dead on with the Speed Bead. It should work great turkey hunting and shotgunning yotes. It is going to take some time, for me, shooting clay to say if it is going to work wing shooting, I know it can be done - a local guide has quite a few customers using these and taking upland game. I am hoping to become accustom to it and leave it on the SBEII full time. I also would mount one on a home defence shotgun in an instant, would work great. If you did not have time to turn it on, you can still use the factory bead thru the sight glass.
It is very sturdy and I have no fears about damage in the field. Just need to spend the time to train to wing shoot with it, not a point and shoot situation to me yet.

Virginian 01-28-2010 11:44 PM

I have been real tempted, but I was told by another shooter that the mount wasn't very sturdy. I used a Weaver Qwik-Point back in the '80s and it was the greatest aid to wingshooting I have ever seen. I shot skeet, trap, dove, quail, and waterfowl; and for long range waterfowl it was great plus. Right from the get go I had no problems at all. Even shot a 23 at skeet using occluding sighting if you can believe it (I couldn't). But, it was bulky and heavy, and I had continual mount issues. When I changed a lot of my waterfowl hunting it came off.

R-BOLT 01-29-2010 07:28 PM

From what I can see the sturdy part is not much of an issue. I am on the fence whether it will be a help or hinderence wingshooting. Planning on spending some time with it on clays this spring, and seeing if I can make it work for me. It will be a very nice addition to my turkey hunting equipment, as with turkey loads my SBEII shoots high and right. I have been compensating for this with my hold and bead (never have missed a turkey though). I will put a load on paper and dial the speedbead in to the center of the pattern. Will have more confidence in taking longer shots with the 3.5" shells.

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