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downsouth 12-17-2011 02:34 PM

sling and hardware for 590a1 mossy
The stock hardware and sling that came with the gun seem to me a little skimpy. I was thinking about a sling that also had extra ammo capacity. The gun holds 8 plus 1 which I really like, but who does't want more ammo at the ready. Anybody ever used a sling as described and if so what did and didn't you like about it. Thanks

PowerViolence 12-17-2011 06:07 PM

Hey brother, the only company I am familiar with that makes a bandolier/sling is BLACKHAWK! I am sure many other companies have made them.

I do not own one but have worn one loaded to bear with 00buck. It was not what I expected. It was heavy, uncomfortable and an all around inconvenience. Granted with tactical gear, such as a vest and/or a chest rig maybe it would have worked better? Not sure. I would recommend a regular sling your preference on Points. Look into other ways to carry shells, such as on the gun or in pouches attached via MOLLE to a vest perhaps? Thats my humble opinion.

downsouth 12-17-2011 06:42 PM

Thanks, those were some of my concerns just in thinking about it. I think a side mounted shot shell carrier is the way to go. That will take me up to 14. Hopefully I don't get my self into situation that I need the first shell.

PowerViolence 12-17-2011 09:30 PM

I have a Tacstar side saddle for my Mossberg 500. They are about 30 bucks and are fairly popular.

Personally I do not regret buying it because of its price, but come to have it for a while I do not agree with the design. It is a two piece design, the shell carry being screwed onto a plate that screws into the receiver. Mesa tactical makes one that is not as clunky and is a one piece design that seems to be a lot more sturdy, which is really what I'm looking for, quality. It's twice the price, it's really up to you, they both work! Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotshell Carrier: Sports & Outdoors

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