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Shotgun vs. Rifle for deer hunting

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Originally Posted by Blueguns View Post
Isn't that only NY though?
Also New Jersey.
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Originally Posted by gmaster456 View Post
Nope, Michigan and Ohio also have such laws as well as a couple of others I believe.
Illinois only allows a rifle if it's black powder.
Elizabeth Hanson
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Y'all need to move to states where you can hunt with a rifle!

Yawp, deer get me thinking scoped 30.06.(would be rifle)
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thanks for finding this thread eliza. its a good one.

where i live it can be kinda dangerous to shoot rifles even though its legal to hunt with any rifle in deer gun season. lots of folks hunt near homes and use shotguns instead of rifles.

a shotgun with quality slugs are more than accurste to 200yards to efficiently take deer. my benelli m4 is capable of chest shots on any deer out to 200yards. most deer are taken at 100 or less.

while rifles are more accurate at very long ranges, nothing short of a 338lapua hits a deer harder than a 12ga slug.

a typical whitetail has a 10" vital area. if your firearm holds 10moa your good to go. so is the minimal accuracy difference between a shotgun and rifle under 200yds really that big a deal??

i think not
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I have killed a bunch of deer with both. Depends on where you are hunting and the method used. When we do man drives I like a 3" load of number 1 or 00. I have a Kicks buckshot chokes for both my Nova and M1-Super 90 and have killed many deer out to 65-70 yards. I do not have much experience using slugs as we can use rifles but have shot dedicated slugs guns my friends use in shot gun only areas in VA that were tack drivers.
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Ive shot slugs each year for the last 13, using the right combination of barrel, sights and slugs a shotgun can sling it out there quite a ways and accurately enough.

Here is the link to the American Slug Shooting Association A.S.S.A site.

One portion from their sight showing how well a slug gun can shoot.
Target below submitted in the 100 yard Professional Division by MK, total spread over 5 shots was .787" using a Model 870 with Rifled Barrel, Aimpoint Red Dot Sights and Hastings Sabot Ammunition.

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Update to the old post, all the laws are still the same back in NY, but I no longer hunt there. Just not worth the cost of an NR license there IMHO, and I prefer to be able to take a pistol with me when I hunt, and as a NR of NY, I no longer hold a NY Pistol Permit. I'll stick to hunting here instead.

Here in PA, we are allowed rifles, shotguns or handguns With Sportsman Permit or LTCF) as long as they are manually operated for big game. Caliber a gauge depends on the game being hunted, as does projectile type (Turkey is BG here, and a solid can be used in the Fall season, but shot only in the Spring.) From the state deer regs:

Manually operated centerfire rifles, handguns, and shotguns with an all lead bullet or ball, or a bullet designed to expand on impact.

Now, I will stick with the way I did it in NY, shotgun in the deep woods, rifle for field, handgun as a BU for both, and bow in the more urban areas on the outskirts of the suburbs. We're still looking for some private land around here we can use, but we do have the SGL about 15 minutes from the house, and a salvage yard we can use to bowhunt in Fairview. the only one we can't use firearms on is the Salvage yard, as per the owner's request. Aside from that, we are limited to 3 rounds in long guns, 6 in handguns, manually operated (Single shot, bolt, pump, lever, ect.) and the LTCF or SL to hunt while in possession of a handgun, SL to hunt with it, and LTCF to carry primarily for SD.

As ti using a shotgun with slugs, I have a Remington 11-48 that shoots minute of beer bottle at 50 yards with it's old Weaver scope on an Echo mount that I can't use here, and a Mossberg 185-d that has a Redding peep sight on it that will do the same as long as I do my part. I've dropped more than one deer at 75 yards with that old BA pumpkin lobber, but most of my shots are at less than 40 yards, on about a 10 inch target. I really don't ever need a rifle for deer, but I still sometimes carry one, most often, the NEF Handi-Rifle in .45-70 when i know most pof my shots will be less than 100 yards, and the 7X57 Mauser (1916 Spanish Short Rifle, 1st pattern) for out to 250 yards if I'm hunting the edge of a field.

Like I posted earlier, it just depends on where I'll be that day, and what conditions I will encounter.
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I have friends who live back in Indiana. The state is allowing some rifle ctgs. for the 2016 deer hunting. The list is some what different but workable.
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