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kzink 11-04-2009 09:52 AM

quick question
i am new to shotguns and just got a Remington express 12 gauge magnum. it is the self defense edition with a 18 in barrel and holds 7 rounds. the gun was a gift but i am more into hunting and trap shooting. i know i need a longer barrel was aiming at a 28in. i want a modified choke but when im looking at new barrels they same remchoke. does that mean i can change them out to whatever choke i want because my barrel does not have threads in it. i found this site and was looking at the third one up from the bottem would that be the correct one?Cabela's -- Remington 870 Replacement Shotgun Barrels

c3shooter 11-04-2009 11:06 AM

Yep- changeable choke. Rem™Choke Tubes & Wrenches

BTW, many of my old Mossberg shotguns had a variable choke- you actually turned the outer portion to change choke. We used to refer to them as "Dial a Duck".

UnderFire 11-04-2009 04:12 PM

1st, Welcome!! :D

Yes, the barrel you're looking at has threads so that you can
change choke tubes making your gun more versitile.
Most likely the barrel on your 870 is an "Improved Cylinder" (IC) style.
On defense shotguns chokes aren't really necessary, because personal defense doesn't allow the shot to spread (close quarters).

BTW, that barrel is a great choice.
Wow!! A Shotgun as a gift...I wish someone thought that much about me.:D

kzink 11-04-2009 08:40 PM

thank you guys for the help. but since it was a home defense gun it came with the magazine extension would it be better to buy all the parts; spring, retainer, cap to take the extension off since it will be used for mostly hunting and trap or should i just leave it on there. i only ask because it adds more weight and buying a new barrel will add even more weight

UnderFire 11-04-2009 11:27 PM


Your questions are very good questions...
In Trap Shooting your shotgun may be front heavy w/ the extension
and in some hunting scenerios you're only allowed to carry 3 shots
loaded. On standard Rem 870's there's a plug in the magazine only allowing
3 shots to be loaded.

Most Trap shooters use an over & under style 12ga. shotgun.

kzink 11-05-2009 09:35 AM

ok well i am ordering all the parts for the regular sized magazine with the plug so i can hunt and not get in trouble for having more than 3 rounds. this is my first firearm and i love it. thanks for all the answers

kzink 11-08-2009 12:39 AM

now last question when a barrel says its blue or blued is that just a finish or is it actually blue

UnderFire 11-08-2009 02:43 AM

It means the finish is Blue Steel.
One of my least favorite finishes, because of the maintenance involved.
On blue steel a simple finger print can start a rust spot.

Virginian 11-08-2009 04:18 PM

An Express has a matte finish, so you will need a matte finish for it to match.

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