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amoroque 12-13-2010 10:39 PM

Pointing or Aiming
One of my best buddies and I are in the middle of a debate regarding pointing a shotgun vs. aiming a shotgun. To me "pointing" the shotgun is the way to go, he clearly thinks that "aiming" is the right way.

To me pointing the shotgun is keeping your face on the stock, but, having your eye a bit above the rib so that you are focusing on the target and almost having to "triangulate" the shot.........much like pointing at a clock on the wall.

He insists that the best way to shoot a shotgun is by keeping your eye down at the level of the rib, and looking along the rib, almost aiming the shotgun like a rifle.

Thoughts please?

Virginian 12-13-2010 10:51 PM

E) None of the above. I keep my head down, so I see hardly any rib at all, and point the gun.

amoroque 12-13-2010 10:52 PM

Thank you for your input!

billdeserthills 12-14-2010 12:10 AM

It really depends on whether I have slugs loaded or buckshot

amoroque 12-14-2010 01:19 AM

Thanks Bill. I should of clarified that. I was just talking about birdshot.

Ronbo 12-16-2010 02:02 AM

Tough to answer with the choices listed. My gun fits me so that when shouldered it is in the same place every time, which puts my eye looking right down the barrel at the front sight, sort of like my eye is the rear sight since it lands right in the same place every time....(lets face it, plus or minus some fractions of an inch, realistically and within the time constraints of shouldering and firing at a flying target)...which essentially makes pointing the same as aiming, enough for birdshot. Does that make sense? lol. both i guess.

FWIW, this "sight picture" puts a slug about an inch and a half low and to the left of target at 30 yards. Knowing this piece of information and the correct adjustment makes my gun a pretty decent slug gun at closer ranges.

DarinCraft 12-16-2010 04:12 AM


Originally Posted by amoroque (Post 402629)
Thanks Bill. I should of clarified that. I was just talking about birdshot.

I was taught at a trap shooters class and the first lesson was, "Point your finger at the number on the back of that trap house........Now without moving your hand bring you head down to your finger and look at what your finger is pointing at......It's pointing at dead center of that number isn't it?....Now trust your finger. If you are doing everything right and your index finger is not on the trigger and down the side of the receiver like it should be, your finger will point at the clay....Now point your shotgun at the clay."

Obviously I'm paraphrasing, I can't remember exactly what he said, but that was the point of his opener to his training session. I remember him saying over an over "You point a shotgun."

This precludes the defensive/slug loads. He was speaking of birdshot. Anyway this was how I was taught and how I have shot trap and sporting clays for years. If you were wondering I am pretty consistent with 24's in trap and 68's in SC.

doctherock 12-16-2010 04:39 AM

I point, however the exception to this is skeet shooting. I feel its more of an aim with skeet.

DrumJunkie 12-16-2010 04:42 AM

My 835 has two pin sights on aiming is pretty much second nature. My 870 does I more or less point it.

freefall 12-16-2010 04:53 AM

You point a shotgun when wingshooting. You aim it when using it where a rifle would also be a logical choice for the job, i.e. deer hunting, anti-personnel, etc.

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