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SHIFTY 09-13-2010 05:14 PM

My HD progress thread.
A little earlier this year I purchased a new Winchester SXP Defender for a HD weapon. At first i was content to leave it as it came from the factory, but then the mod bug bit me and I just couldn't leave well enough alone! The modifications that I am making to the weapon have to fall under two stipulations in order to make the cut, 1) The modification or accessory must serve a clear purpose. 2) The modification must be cost effective.
The Winchester does pose a challenge because there isn't a significant aftermarket inventory to pick and choose from to modify the weapon so a little craftiness and research are required on my part.

Here is how the weapon looks straight out of the factory.

A buddy of mine had a heat shroud lying around that he had initially purchased for his 870, but he had some issues with its fit and function on his weapon. He said that the tabs that held the connecting bolts ended up rubbing up against his pump, he tried to sand them down a bit to gain some clearance but that was ineffective. I graciously offered to take the shroud off his hands free of charge, which he happily agreed to! The heat shroud had been sitting in his garage for a while and upon first inspection the shroud started to show signs of early rust corrosion and the finish was all but gone.
I easily remedied this problem with a good sanding and a high heat primer. I finished the shroud with a couple of coats of rattle can desert tan and a couple of coats of high heat flat clear coat. The fit on my weapon is perfect and I couldn't be happier. It sits nice and tight on the weapon with zero clearance issues. Best of all it was completely free!

Here is how the shroud looks mounted (sorry for the cell phone pics)

A little later, I saw an add in a local sporting goods store for a tube mounted tac light for only $29.99. If you have purchased a tac light you know that they can get pretty pricey, but for $29.99, I was willing to take a little dent in performance for that price! After purchasing, I went home to mount it on my weapon immediately. Again, the fit was great! It fit so snug on the weapon it felt like it was factory installed. The best part was that as soon as night rolled around, I tested the light and let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised in the performance of this little cheap light. It lit up like a tiny sun! I had a buddy come and help me compare it to his expensive tac light and there was little difference. Cost effective? Check. Purposeful? Double Check.

Here is the light mounted on the mag tube, I chose the position so that the push button on the back of light was easy to manipulate with my thumb without taking my hand off the pump. Also you get a good look at the heat shroud's finish.

Here is a look at the mounting hardware for the light

The weapon is almost to the point where I can consider it finished, I just need to find a couple of more items at the right price and throw them on. I'll update this post as progress is made!

Thanks for looking, happy shooting to everyone!

SHIFTY 09-13-2010 05:17 PM

Also, on page two of this thread you can read my initial review of the weapon itself.

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