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mastershake 04-18-2007 07:48 PM

Mossberg vs. Remington
Which do you prefer and why?

BrassMonkey 04-19-2007 03:34 AM

I prefer the Remington 870, or Winchester 1300 over other shotguns on the market. They just fit me better, and I can handle them faster.

Navy4087 04-25-2007 01:43 PM

870 is the standard which all current pump action SG are measured. Used extensively by police depts. because of dependability and durability.

Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the Mossy.

marmac 04-26-2007 11:06 PM

As a preacher, I have been involved with Chaplaincy in police departments in 4, in Florida and Louisiana while pastoring there. Each department that I was involved with in those states, used the Mossy 500 eight shot "riot gun". I don't know of a single time when they let them down and less costy which is good for a chief who is trying to present the budget to the commission in a smaller department.

I guess you could use Remmy or Winny, but you could have bought 3 Mossy guns whereas only 2 of the other guns.

Makes a lot of sense for me, as a taxpayer as well. Mossberg is a GOOD gun, don't sell it short. I've owned Rems (an 870 and a model 58) and my dad had a Browning. Good guns, but pricey! BTW, if you have work done to them by a gunsmith, you'll also find the costs of parts are more expensive as well. I've owned my Mossy 500 for over 25 years and it has never failed me. In fact, I've never had to have it repaired, ever! Just keep it cleaned and lubed, it will do like the Energizer bunny!!


Splatter 04-27-2007 04:22 AM

I really think this is one of those "6 of one, a half-dozen of the other" type things. Each mech has its strong points and its weaknesses.

marmac 04-27-2007 05:37 AM


Originally Posted by Splatter (Post 552)
I really think this is one of those "6 of one, a half-dozen of the other" type things. Each mech has its strong points and its weaknesses.

Agreed, but cost is definitely a PLUS for most people I know. Nothing fancy about Mossberg, but dependable! You will pay about 50% more for the name "Remington" and "Winchester" or about 200% more for Browning and 300% for Beretta. Nothing wrong with spending if you want, but I don't think you necessarily have to have those to have a "better" gun.

Here is my testimonial: my Dad got a Mossberg 12 gauge as a door prize at a Christmas party in 1963. He used that gun for 20 years. Sometime around 1980, we had a neighbor who got into some financial trouble and needed some money. He came over to our house and was telling my Dad that he had a Browning 12 gauge and was going to a pawn shop to hock it. He said that he had paid for right at $400 for this gun about a year before. He said that he was hoping to get $150 on hock for this gun. My Dad told him to bring it over and let him look at it. He got it and my Dad told him that he would loan him $150 for 6 months (instead of 90 days at a pawn shop) and that he wouldn't charge him any interest on it since the guy had been such a good neighbor. He said that after 6 months, Dad would take it that the guy didn't want the gun. The guy agreed and about a month later, he moved out of our area and Dad never heard from him again. So he got this beautiful Browning Shotgun and used it . . . . for 2 seasons. He never liked the feel of this gun and had to have the gun worked on because the safety broke! He took it to the gunsmith we used and it cost "an arm and a leg" to have that gun fixed. And it took 6 weeks for him to get the part ordered and in! I want to say it was about $75 to replace the safety!

My Dad went back to using his Mossberg and, about 2 years later, he sold the Browning for about $250. He wasn't out any money, but he loved that Mossberg. He was broken into in 1983 and all of his guns were stolen, including the Mossberg. Within a few weeks of getting the insurance money, my Dad bought his first Mossberg 500 which he used until he died in 2002. It is in my gun case along with my 25 year old Mossy at my house today. I plan on keeping both until I die!


jakethe_snake 05-15-2007 11:43 PM

I prefer Mossberg,
It is what the Cops use:) ..
Although Remington is good to! I am not disn them

RePete 05-21-2007 11:40 AM

I prefer the heft of the Remington, but I wouldn't feel out of place with a Mossberg.

UnBound 05-21-2007 05:53 PM

i own a rem 870, a mossy 500, an ithaca 12 ga., and several autos.

the mossy gets the least amount of work, but i will not part with it.

RONSERESURPLUS 05-22-2007 04:44 PM

Mossberg or Remington
Hello all


While I was serving in the US Navy, we had both the Rem 870 as well as the MOSSBERG 500, I prefered the REMINGTON 870, as It held up to more abuse, was easier to get parts for and with the way the GOV bouth them, it was not a lot different in cost!

All that Reversed when we got in a set of Replacement Mossberg 590, with Ghost Rings and Speedfeed stocks! Now, what one did I perfer? BOTH?? LOL It's a matter of what Woman is Prettier the Blond or the Brunette, in all cases, get one of each if ya can?? LOL Thier is no correct anwser to the question!


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