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View Poll Results: Mossberg 500 vs. Remington 870 vs. Benelli Nova
Remington 870 26 36.11%
Mossberg 500 29 40.28%
Benelli Nova 13 18.06%
None of the Above 4 5.56%
Voters: 72. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally Posted by Gojubrian View Post
Just picked up a mossberg 500 new for $199. I plan on getting the 18.5 barrel and pistola grip later on.

I've used a few mossbergs and never had a problem.
I bought a Mossy 500 used for $75.oo. I cut the barrel off at 18.5" then invested another $75.00 for the conversion. It made a really nice SD shotgun!
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I voted Mossberg 500 even though I like the 870 better. The reason is a Mossberg is cheaper. Last year I was looking at getting a pump shotgun and really wanted an 870 but almost bought a Mossberg because of the price. Iv'e shot both models and had good luck with both, I've been hunting and used my FIL's shotguns and never failed to kill anything with them. His 870 the first production model 870 to come out so it's old but it still shots like a new gun. I've seen him kill rabbits at 100 yards with his 870. He also has a Mossberg 500 in 20 gauge and a Mossberg 600 in 12 gauge and both shot great.

I've never fired nor do I know anyone who has a Nova but I've heard good things about them. I did buy a pump shotgun a little while back but didn't go either of these 3 choices, I went with a NEF Protector pump. It was really a spur of the moment buy but it shots great and is an 870 clone.


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shot the 870 once, wasnt overly impressed, ditto for the 500. i love my winchester 1300, (my first firearm) just to throw another option out there.

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Default Alway's get the best you can afford!

Alway's get the best you can afford!
Benilli Nova hasent been around as long as the Remington and Mossburg, in the short while its been around its performed admrably and made a name for itself and they have good company support!

The old and entrenched vanguard will swear up & down the Remington 870 its a good shotgun all steel receiver and swappy barrels and locks like a bank vault

The Mossburg is just as durable (alum receiver) the bolt still locks to the barrel extension so its a moot point picking the differences between the Rem/Moss, Mossie's are a sweet gun (I have both a 870 wingmaster and a Mossy 500 with 2 barrels factory ported barrels for less than $200)

Browning BPS is all quality and also ambidextrus (bottom ejecting)
Browning Auto 5

Winchester turns out some nice hunting shot guns (had a 1300)

If you cant afford new buy used and shop around you get a good selection to pick from.
Ithica 37 has been around for ages and deserves mentioning.

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i also have the winchester 1300 its been a good gun to me but the firing pin broke on it today.. i paid 220$ for it 6 years ago at a pawn shop


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I have the mossberg 500 and love it. I am sure people could argue over what they think is the "best shotgun" till the end of time and would not end lol. All the ones talked about in this thread are all good shotguns and good choices. It really comes down to you and nothing else. I choose the mossy 500 because I heard nothing but good things about it and it was affordable. I still plain to get another shotgun or two though

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Default the 870 question

Now this is just MY opinion:

A mossberg has always been known as a cheap built shotgun that's not of good quality and reliability. Why----because it is.

A Remington 870 has always been known as a reliable, reasonably priced shotgun. Why--- because it is.

I've shot a nova and it seemed like a good gun but hideously ugly and made of plastic. I don't like plastic.

The 870 is one of if not the highest production shotguns ever made. There has to be a reason. If resale value is any clue, price a 20 year old mossberg and a 20 year old Remington 870 and get a clue what folks really think of them.


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I prefer the 870 for just about anything, I've owned 2 Mossy's and both were good guns, no complaint they just didn't handle like an 870.
I was issued a Nova when I was LEO and it perfomed great. I just haven't bought one yet.


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I love my mosssberg 500a! I have the tactical vesion with the 7 shot tube 20 inch barrel, and pistol grip. Right now, I have the shoulder stock,a the 28 inch barrel, and the xx full choke together for turkey season. I've had this gun now for many years, and never had a problem.
Check out this video on breaking down the mossberg 500:

I also really like my H&R autoloader. Have only had it less than a year, so, we'll see if it holds up.

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I like the mossy bought it cheap .beat it up sanded it down it up still going strong



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