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t-rav 02-24-2010 02:00 AM

Managing Recoil on yildiz
I have been shooting my yildiz over and under for some time now and until recently havent noticed the effects of recoil. I need to do something about it cuz i shoot biweekly or sometimes more practicing for the trap and skeet team. Is there a way to get a recoil system, cuz i know those slip on ones dont do anything.

Tuner 02-25-2010 01:44 AM

Recoil reduction
have you considered having one of the mercury recoil reduction devices installed in your butt stock? I assume you have a quality recoil pad. What about a reduction in oz of shot / velocity all of which contributes to recoil? that may not be an option in competition shooting.

t-rav 02-26-2010 02:28 AM

I dont know if one of those recoil systems would work on my stock. I have researched some and havent found anything for my gun. And no i cant change my load sizes, i do reload and have changed power and i can feel some difference but its still leaving me brusies.

skullcrusher 02-26-2010 03:23 AM

Maybe time for a new vest? Some of those over the shoulder pads are pretty sweet. I dunno, just throwin something out there. :)

Rollin Oswald 02-27-2010 06:22 PM

The easiest way to reduce recoil is to lighten the loads you shoot. Rreducing the weight of the shot and/or the velocity of the shells will reduce both felt and measured recoil.

Another way is to add weight to your gun.

Both of the above assume that your gun fits you, which is not at all a safe assumtion to make. "Shooting form" (gun mount, body posture) has a major affect on the recoil that is felt by the shooter. Of the two, gun mount is probably the most important.

There are two types of recoil that bother shooters are recoil to the face and recoil to the shoulder. Guns should be mounted in the shoulder pocket just inside of the sholder joint (not the upper arm or shoulder joint).

The causes of objectionalbe recoil to these areas vary. It can be due to a poor gun mount or a gun with stock dimensions that do not fit the shooter's particular size and shape and make a good gun mount impossible.

There are some good recoil dapening stocks and stock devices available but none of them are cheap. The mercury units that fit in the stock bolt hole don't do much more than an equal amount of weight added to the stock. Of this type of unit, the "Dead Mule" seems to enjoy the best reputation. Whether they are worth their modest cost remains questionable, however.


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