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Miep 06-13-2009 04:52 PM

lazarino barrel markings
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Hi everyone!

Just new to the forum... Hope some of you can help me identifying some of the marks on the downside of a barrel of a gun I'm currently restoring. On top the barrel says 'lazaro lazarino legitimo de braga'. I know these guns, called lazarina's, were originally made by a respected gunsmith in Braga, Portugal for export to the Portuguese colonies. Later on, Liège (Belgium) took over the production but simply kept inscribing the lazarino phrase. On the downside of the barrel there are some stamps and monograms but I have no idea what they refer to.
As attachment, I posted a close up of the markings.
From left to right, you can see: 138 (the series number I suppose), a curl (meaning?), a 'U' with a star above, oriented to the left, the monogram TB, again crowned by a star, and then to the far end the monogram RC, followed by the star-crowned 'U' again.

If anyone has any information about these markings, I'd be very grateful!
Greetings to you all!

bobski 08-08-2015 08:56 PM

im stumped..........

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