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dajerseyrat 04-27-2012 04:31 AM

KSG issues hopefully resolved for me.
Some of you who read and commented on my previous thread with the Keltec KGS shotgun might be interested to hear this. Here is the original thread where I vented my frustrations:

This is the email I just received and apparently they did find a few issues with the gun that were hopefully resolved. Unfortunately I will not get the weapon back till after May 3rd due to me leaving the country in the morning for vacation. :thumbsup:
Reading what repairs they did, it makes perfect sense to me with the issues i was having.Hopefully it will shoot very good for me in the future and I will be able to post a positive review of the weapon...

I have personally reviewed your weapon and have done the following reviews / repairs:

· Replaced Barrel Assembly / Honed Barrel and Chamber: There was nothing “wrong” with the other barrel except I saw some cosmetic issues with the Picatinny and Barrel… the dimensions were good though with the barrel. That and if you were having extraction issues, I wanted to keep that system here to review in case we receive any more in the future… just in case.
· Reviewed Bolt: Bolt was good. Polished Bolt Lock as it was on the high tolerance and tight on the inside of the Bolt as the Bolt Lock cams down unlocking the system. This was most likely the issue with the weapon not extracting consistently.
· Grip: Good. No issues.
· Rear Stock: Good. No issues.
· Receiver: Completely rebuilt Receiver. It still has the same serial number and is the same Receiver, but it was rebuilt to ensure it was done correctly. The Receiver was sandblasted and re-parkerized to give it a new look again. New magazine springs / magazine plugs / followers, to ensure the rounds are seating properly—nothing wrong with the old ones, but I’m not going to re-use the old ones here. New Cartridge Stops / Selector / Selector Catch. The issue on Double Feeding also came from the inner cartridge stops (KSG-314 and KSG-315) were sanded to the lower tolerance, so there would be times when they did not work… I saw that too on testing. Those were replaced and the weapon does not Double Feed any more. No issues on anything else there. I did polish the swage / feed ramp area and this is smoother here on loading.
· Re-proofed. New assembly as stated above. Weapon was re-proofed.
· Test fired and Function Tested. I shot 200+ rounds through the weapon and two of our technician each shot 100+ rounds through the weapon. The weapon did not double feed and it extracted every round, including the “more challenging Centurion rounds” from Italy.

Buckethead47 04-27-2012 12:23 PM

Glad they were able to figure out what was wrong with your FIREARM, and hear they are taking care of you. Btw it is a tool nothing more nothing less.

dajerseyrat 05-05-2012 01:39 PM

I took the gun to the range last night and ran about 100 rounds through it and it did not jam once, so it looks as if the issues are resolved for now. I did immediately the gun was much easier to load and the magazine selector switch was easier to select from side to side, before the repairs it felt like it had to be forced to the point it would break. The action seemed smoother also. I put my sight back on and dialed it in at 15 yards, and will say this much for the gun, it is DEADLY ACCURATE for a short shotgun. With 00 buck I was able to put a hole dead center of the target and was able to then put every other round of 00 buck through the same hole at 15 yards.

Another good thing was that one of my range masters who was there the very same day I first fired the gun and had malfunctions, was there last night and he got to shoot the gun also and said it was night and day from when he first fired it. I will say that I am now happy with my KSG's performance wise so far, time will tell on the durability of the weapon.

Polygon 05-05-2012 09:08 PM

I'm very glad that Kel Tec stood behind their product. Reading this has me somewhat interested in the KSG again.

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