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fastline 01-29-2011 10:25 PM

This just distrurbs me...

It is one thing to teach a kid about gun safety but this is just moronic and one of the reasons the govt wants to take our guns. Pisses me off. He considers the gun cleared just by pulling the trigger. This is exactly the type of kid that grows up to not respect guns and shots his friend by mistake. No form, no safety, no ethics, no brains....

dog2000tj 01-30-2011 12:02 AM

"pull the trigger" - most definitely NOT the proper way to check an empty chamber :(

winds-of-change 01-30-2011 05:44 AM

I'm not an experienced shooter at all but I would think the child would be taught a stance, not to swing his leg up and tilt backwards after each shot. Maybe I'm wrong but the child didn't seem to have good control of the gun.

I have never seen a shotgun with just a pistol grip like that. Wouldn't you have better control with a stock on a gun like that?

doctherock 01-30-2011 06:15 AM

I think I lost brain cells watching that kid.

TXnorton 01-30-2011 07:07 AM

There are good parents, and there are dumb-a$$ parents. That boy's father definately falls in the latter category. I was waiting for the part where the kid shot his foot off with that post firing stance.

Teaching your kids the fine art of shooting in a safe manner is the responsibility of a good parent. That idjit failed the test.

As is often stated in this forum, there is no cure for STUPID!

sputnik1988 01-30-2011 07:48 AM

I was seriously waiting for that kid to blow his foot off, or shoot his retarded dad, this is why gun control legislation gets passed.

TimL2952 01-30-2011 08:58 AM

these 2 guys (grandpa and grandson) have a bunch of videos on youtube...a little unsettling to see such a young guy shoot like this and yell things like "boom shaka laka and your dead" but the videos do get better as he ages....albeit he still has terrible form

Virginian 01-30-2011 11:06 AM

Not good, but not nearly as disturbing as CNN.

Hawg 01-30-2011 12:24 PM

I don't see where he did anything unsafe. He's 9 years old shooting a 12 gauge with a pistol grip. He prolly needs to stick his leg out for balance. Its not like he was doing it before the shot. He's just having fun, don't be so anal.

winds-of-change 01-30-2011 12:52 PM

But then maybe he shouldn't be shooting such a gun that he can't control.

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