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Shihan 10-29-2010 04:48 PM

Ithica model 37R 16 Gauge
I know, everyones favorite question is What's it worth? Without seeing it give me an approximate value and what you would pay for one? Fair to good condition.

spittinfire 10-29-2010 04:56 PM

I don't know but I hope you get as hooked on 16s as I did.

lonyaeger 10-29-2010 04:59 PM

Bring in Da Noize, Bring in Da Funk

WoodysKJ 10-29-2010 08:34 PM


The original WWII era ithica's were sweet and are hard to find. Condition 1-10?
Barrel length, choke?.........Wood grade/condition?

Missileman 11-01-2010 08:40 PM

If it is a true 37"R" with a solid rib then it is more valuable than a plain 37. There were a bunch of these made and they go pretty cheap, but the R version makes it a little more valuable. Condition is everything--most older 37 were used pretty hard and don't have much bluing left and the stocks are beat up. They also made some later models with a factory vet rib--these have a solid forearm wood vs a ribbed/corncob forearm and are much more valuable. Great little guns--light to carry all day and very trustworthy.

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