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beastmode986 04-30-2014 11:28 PM

Iac hawk ejection problems.
Well, I thought the problem was fixed since this thing tends to shoot better with bird shot. So heres my problem, whenever I shoot this POS it will eject about 60-75% of the time with bird shot. I went to the range a a few days ago and shot 30 rounds of 00 buck and 14 slugs. Each time I fired a slug I had to pull it out with my hand. It extracts fine but it wont eject, it basically pulls the round out and nothing more. I had to stick my fingers in the chamber and manually pull the shells out. Then I started shooting the 00 buck, same thing... Except sometimes it would fully eject or the shell would be hanging out half way. What is wrong with this thing?! I cant freaking figure out what it is. The ejector looks fine, the gun is clean, and everything else works flawlessly. I can provide pictures if needed to help diagnose the problem.

beastmode986 05-04-2014 01:32 AM


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Axxe55 05-04-2014 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by beastmode986 (Post 1569794)

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call the manufacterer and see what they have to say. what is the warranty period on the shotgun? if it has a warranty, then by all means use it.

beastmode986 05-04-2014 01:50 AM


Originally Posted by Axxe55 (Post 1569797)
call the manufacterer and see what they have to say. what is the warranty period on the shotgun? if it has a warranty, then by all means use it.

It is, I think I had to register it though. It was bought last june so its almost up. I emailed them about it and of course, no reply. Ill have to them tomorrow. Im kind of wondering what other people think the problem is though. It ejects perfectly fine with non fired ammo but once I shoot the spent shells are the issue.

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kbd512 05-04-2014 01:59 AM

I think I have an idea.

Take the hull from an empty casing. Chamber it. Pull the trigger. Work the pump. If the empty hull comes out fine, then your extractor may not maintain enough tension on the casing for it to be knocked out of the chamber by the ejector because it's literally falling off the face of the bolt as it's withdrawn from the chamber.

Solution, buy a new extractor spring and/or extractor after determining whether or not your extractor is damaged, out-of-spec, or worn.

I don't have an IAC Hawk, but I do have a 870 Police Magnum. I've seen this with worn or damaged extractors. So, is the extractor maintaining tension on the shell as it is withdrawn from the chamber or does it let the shell drop down onto the shell lifter?

kbd512 05-04-2014 02:01 AM

To be perfectly clear, the act of firing may be jarring the extractor loose and causing it to loosen its grip on the rim of the shell.

SSGN_Doc 05-04-2014 02:02 AM

Check the extractor hook, make sure there is enough clearance from the bolt face for the rim to get under. Also make sure the hook isn't nicked up, chipped, or rounded. Make sure the spring tension is strong enough to stay put and pull the shell out of the chamber after it has been fired and expanded. Then check the ejector and make sure it is extending out far enough from the receiver wall to hit the rim of the shell as you pull it back. Also make sure the groove in the bolt is not obstructed and causing problems with the ejector hitting the shell. Last thing I can think of is making sure the chamber isn't bored out too wide or have some groove or flaw that the expanding brass ends up hanging up in.

SSGN_Doc 05-04-2014 02:04 AM

Also make sure you are cycling with enough force to knock the shell out of the ejection port.

beastmode986 05-04-2014 02:46 AM

Iac hawk ejection problems.
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Extractor looks like its sticking out too far? I also noticed the ejector wiggles a little, is that ok?Attachment 143250

kfox75 05-05-2014 07:41 PM


Originally Posted by SSGN_Doc (Post 1569814)
Also make sure you are cycling with enough force to knock the shell out of the ejection port.

This was my first thought. the other possibility that comes to mind for me is the little metal flat spring atached to the inside of the receiver. I saw the same issue with a friend's 870 a couple years ago. We field stripped the shotgun, and that spring was flat to the side of the receiver. I bent it out a little, finished the DCOR, and tested with a handful of empties.

Part 20 on the diagram. It should protrude into the bolt path. It may not be out far enough to knock out a high brass shell.

Also, try a few different brands of shells. my dad had a Mossberg 5500 that wouldn't feed remington shells, performed at 50% with Federals, and absolutely love Winchester slugs when it came to feeding and ejecting. It could be an ammo issue.

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