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RONSERESURPLUS 07-21-2010 10:23 PM

Home Defense shotgun
Hello all, RON L here

The Subject of what Firearm is best for Home defense? While I am a Hopeless weapons freak and I do love my carry handguns. That in mind, I do know they are not the best tool for Home Defense! I carry a 1911A1 Clone in 45ACP or a BHP clone in 9MM or a Smaller 2” S&W Model 36 in 38 SPCL, in hot weather months as we are in now. For the Home, though, I have reverted to that "Swiss Army Knife" of Firearms, the 12 GA Shotgun, weather I load, slugs for Deer/Larger game and or Buckshot for 2 Legged Vermin, or #6-7-8 shot for small game and Birds, hard to beat a shotgun for versatility?

What about home defense? Why not "tailor" our shotgun loads, to reflect the best use round? One that will stop or kill someone at room distances, but will not over penetrate the walls and kill a neighbor or other person in the home? OK, with that in mind, what can we use? Man stoppers know are 00 or # 4 Buckshot and or Slugs (Called Pumpkin balls) by many old times? Hmm, lets see those will do the trick, right? They are proven man stoppers and will kill upon use or stop someone dead into he tracks? What about over penetration? I've seen slugs and or Buckshot Penetrate 1 side of a Car door and almost out the other side? No Good for this application!!!!! I want a selection that will kill or stop at shorter range of inside a home but not go outside after or into multiple rooms? I've decided to try out several different shot and see what works for me! I set up sheet rock at less than 12 FT, the normal size of rooms in many home and produces the effect we are looking for. Setting these up in a wooded area not far from home I set out to do a little TEST? Here are the results:

#6-7 shot - I shot several used Sections of sheetrock and press board, the performance was encouraging, it was a deal of it did hold a tight pattern at that close range and didn't over penetrate more than a sheet or two.

#8 shot - Much the same as above same sort of not open pattern but all in one tight group and defiantly would stop or kill someone with out bad over penetration into other Simulated rooms I set up!

# Turkey Shot - Did the trick, but started to over Penetrate the “walls” I had made, so I set those aside!

# 4 Buck shot - I had to try it, thinking the size of the pellets might be useable where 00 Buckshot or slugs might over do it, WRONG, all shots I tried punched up to 3-4 sheets of Drywall and press board and would have hurt or killed someone in the next room or home!!!!

# 00 Buckshot, - OK, I know what # 4 Buckshot did, lets see what 00 Buckshot did? man, Over penetration to the max and some shot I never did shop after up to 5 sheets of Drywall and pressboard! Don’t know how far into the old abandoned house those would have gone had I just fired wildly?

Slugs- H.P. Or Solid, same deal as Buckshot Both 00 and # 4 Buckshot did over penetrate the sheetrock and pressboard, but the slugs, man, they sailed thought it like the proverbial knife through hot butter, best to leave these rounds for barricaded folks and Vehicles? LOL

OK, now that we know this stuff, what good it is? I decided to set my Rem 870 up for Home defense Primarily and some tactical and entry work, so for Home defense, I thought I'd have it set and loaded (Just not a shell in the chamber) with #6-7-8 shot and That worked pretty well, I added one of the cheap nylon stock shell holders and added 2 more 6-7-8 shot, then 2 00 Buck, if the the fight was not over and I have to go outside and finish it? That seems like a good compromise, but what if I run out after, I added a bandoleer sling that held another 20 or shells? Too heavy, felt like crap on the shoulder and in use, removed and tossed that! A person owed me some trade goods for items I had sent him and wanted to settle up, on his list was a "Side-Saddle " shell holder this mounts to the side of the 870 with 2 large screws instead of push pins Pins to hold the trigger group in, added that, and all that 6 shots were a mix of 00 Buckshot, #4 Buckshot and a few H.P. Slugs!

I like to use a light with my shotgun, but it doesn't pay to have a light constantly on all the time on the front of a weapon, just tells them where to shot at in the dark? I added a few different designs, but filly found a simple addition of a 2 AA Mag light with no switch I could simply twist on and off when I needed it worked OK! part of the box of trade good I received, was a small laser, meant to mount on a handgun, it had a remote stitch and a accordion type of switch and wire assembly. I Mounted the AA Maglight on one side of the Shotguns extended tube facing forward and on the other this tiny Laser, I took the remote switch and contact cemented a strip of Velcro to Hold it in place on the for end where I pump the shotgun, but out of the way enough it's not impeding my loading and ejection action. I took that back out to my Home made "Playhouse" and tried it in light, dark and in sunlight, the weapon did outstanding! For the simple addition of a $5.00 stock shell holder, trade goods worth no more than $50.00 I added both the laser, Side saddle and a better sling! Now, I have a shotgun that will serve my specific need and has ammo tailored to the job and if that changes easily adapted to meet new requirements! My shotgun has a Black synthetic stock and forend set, but when I got it used, it had a cheap wood stock that had seen better days! Even with Replacing the Furnature set with a Synthetic, I got a better deal on the 870 Remington, as an older fellow had bought it, but his age and health precluded the continued use of a pump? He traded the 870 back into the dealer he bought it at a year later, the shot, willing to deal sold him a 1187 model Semi-auto and this 870 was put out for sale a week later! I have seen shotguns set up in a tactical package by Wilson Combat and other folks and I do like the looks and performance, but just can't see, nor afford 2000 for a 12Ga shotgun, Total investment for my "Redneck Tactical", is about $275.00!

PICS OF Redneck Tactical once I was complete:

If your wondering what to keep around the house for home defense, have multiple member of your family and don't want the danger of over penetration of your inside our outside walls to a neighbor, try the suggestions I have submitted here, you might find it suits your needs, as well as it did mine? Happy Shooting and remember 'FRONT SITE"

IGETEVEN 07-21-2010 11:50 PM

Nice hands-on intel Ron! :)

I have stated several times when it comes to using a shotgun for HD, bird shot (6-8 shot) and Turkey shot, is the best indoor defense shotgun ammo to use and all will definitely do some very serious to lethal soft tissue damage to a BG, with little or no over penetration.

If one is not satisfied with their primary results...hell just keep racking that slide and firing till you get the results you want.


RONSERESURPLUS 07-22-2010 02:41 AM



Yup, good comments, I do so agree and count on that myself! I appreciarted you taking the time to respond, so few do these days?


IDVague 07-22-2010 03:05 AM

Good info there, RON....I've known several people who will simply fill their shotgun with a heavy load or slugs and never think about the penetration issue. A buddy of mine once had a Winchester 1300 for HD and had it loaded with 00 Buckshot and 2 slugs at the back for the coup de grace if necessary, and he lived in a mobile home! When I asked if he realized how any of that would slice through his walls and into his neighbor's homes, it suddenly dawned on him. He went immediately and reloaded with 8-1/2 bird shot with a couple of 4's at the back.

RONSERESURPLUS 07-22-2010 01:36 PM

Thanks man
Hello all, Thanks to ID vague

Indeed, I like that a shotgun wil handle the heavy loads and shells like Slugs, love the HP slugs they have now and love how wellm they destroy and smash and all, as well as Buckshot, but, as I do live in a small House I did and used to have a few children in other rooms, as well as neighbors not all that far away, I had to wake up to the idea thats it's 'NOT ALL ABOUT ME"? I want a Load that will stop or Kill at room distenances. That said, I have to think hard about those folks that surrond us, or my children inthe other room? It's a matter of thinking the whole matter out, and seems many seem to not do that? We all want a 1 shot stop and all, but thats not allowing us to kill or main thoise not involved by overpenetration! Gotta pick the right tool, for the right job, and with a shotgun, you have many options and choices?


ta1588 07-22-2010 03:06 PM

Very good insight on overpenetration. Gotta pick up some of the Remington HD 2x4 Loads :)

orangello 07-22-2010 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by RONSERESURPLUS (Post 318416)
A person owed me some trade goods for items I had sent him and wanted to settle up, on his list was a "Side-Saddle " shell holder this mounts to the side of the 870 with 2 large screws instead of push pins Pins to hold the trigger group in, added that...

Good Post! I have been very happy with the "side-saddle" shell holder i put on my Mossberg 500.

RONSERESURPLUS 07-22-2010 06:07 PM

Thanks to all that commented!
Hello all, RON L here, thanks to all that commented! Indeed, I see a shotgun as a well versitile weapon and capable of so many tasks, we need only be smart enough to match the right slug for the job in need of accomplishment?

Ta, Thanks on your kind comments, Just trying to do my bit to add a little more to the foum!


Oh yea, I was not all that in favor of strapping yet more stuff onto the shotgun, but as ya found witj your Mossy 500, the side sadle rig does work fairly well and is out of the way and I like it!


stalkingbear 07-22-2010 07:09 PM

Excellent research & post Ron! I've said the same thing for years. At across the room range bird shot will more than do the job. Since we live in the country I keep the 1st 2 or 3 rounds loaded with #4 turkey loads.

MrShotty 07-22-2010 10:47 PM

I never considered it as a home defense round because I never really had an issue with people in the next room or directly next door. But, I am not against it, for sure.

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