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Blazede30 02-22-2013 04:59 AM

hey.....newb here....
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Im new to world of firearms and obviously this forum. ....quick bio: 29yr old husband and father of 3 kids under 10 in chino, a proud American from central american decent (1st gen born & raised)...growing up I was never introduced to or even saw a gun till I was about 19 .....I took interest in firearms because of the threat posed to my constitutional liberties, which until now, I never exercised....

Now that I got that outta the way....I picked up my first firearm last week, a Mossberg 500 7+1 w/20" barrel.....I couldn't decide between the moss or the remi, so I was taking the first deal I came across.....after about a month glued to youtube I decided I cant go wrong with a used shotgun. ...I got my 500 for $250+tax&dros at a local pawn shop....

Thanks to my wonderful state of California, I was tortured with a 10 day waiting period...I just couldn't shutup about it and I stocked up on ammo and maintenance supplies. ...

Finally got it and i still couldn't stfu.....It was pretty dirty and thanx to youtube, I was able to disassemble and clean it thoroughly before the weekend. it out to the range and it fired like new...this was the first time I ever shot a shotgun.....I put about 100 rounds of birddshot and #00 buck thru cousin brought his, which was exactly the same moss but his had the Blackhawk pg with adj. stock....I felt the nice recoil suppression from the blackhawk stock but still prefer the look of the factory stock

My cousin gave me an ati heatshield, then I ordered the ati side saddle, utg weaver/picatinny rail, buttstock 8 shell holder, and im looking for the right recoil seems to have the best prices

Im a fan of tactical shotties, but this moss looks mean as is, so I don't plan on over doing contemplating on a red dot reflex or ghost ring sights and a flashlight.....

Im kinda gun crazy now, im stopping by a pawn shop tomorrow to buy a marlin 60 for $70 for the fam....I finally got the wife on board, so I see a 1911 in my near future and possibly an AR build before its too late...the plan is to have a firearm for every scenario and for everyone in my house to be trained.....

Sorry for the long intro-posts are a bad habit

SRK97 02-22-2013 05:10 AM

Congrats on the new purchase, that's a great deal for that model 60 too.

DFlynt 02-22-2013 05:12 AM

Welcome to the insanity! :D

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