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Kain 10-18-2009 02:52 AM

HD Shotgun question
Ok, So my uncle asked me, and I'm asking here (since I know almost NOTHING about shotguns)

He lives in an area that's quickly becomming very rough (3 home invasions on his street this year) He has several pistols and rifles in his house, but they're mostly .22lr So he wants a shotgun for home defense. He wants a tactical, pump action 12 gauge. As the sound of a shell being chambered is usually enough to deter most invaders and if not the buck shot shortly therafter usually renders most would-be thieves rather dead. But he's a bit short of funds (else he would move) so, what would you guys suggest? I recommended a Mossberg as I know it can be had for around $300 and fits all of his criteria. Any other suggestions? Also, what is a good shell for HD? I assume if it'll bring down a deer, buckshot will subdue a human as well but I could be wrong. All helpful advice is appreciated.

CHLChris 10-18-2009 03:23 AM

Recent shotgun convert
I am fairly new at this stuff so take my thoughts with a sprinkle of salt. I have owned a shotgun (Mossberg 500) for a long time, but thought that I was going to need handguns and an AR15 to really be ready for BG's coming in my home.

Recently, I finally got around to learning how to take down my Mossy. The experience has gotten me much more in touch with the thing. I have gotten to the point now that if I heard that horrible sound of a cracking door frame or whatever, I would certainly first grab the shotgun.

Well, that all said, I load Remington 2-3/4" Express 00-buck. I've got a few other kinds of shells (Federal low-recoil, Remington Magnum 3"), all in 00-buck, but I keep the Express in there. It seems that on a limited budget, one could buy a box of 25 and be ready for almost anything that comes through the door.

If I had the extra half-minute, I'd definitely grab the handgun, too, but the shotty is leading the way.

mrm14 10-18-2009 04:14 AM

Mossberg 500 is the way to go for "Bang for your Buck." Also there are beaucoup aftermarket goodies for this shotgun. My brother has a 500 with a 28" bbl. that he bought a 18-1/2" barrel, a magazine tube extension, and ghost ring sights. He changes back and forth for whatever configuration he wants shotgun to be.

.00 Buck or .000 Buck will get the job done. However, #4 shot also works good.

ta1588 10-18-2009 04:15 AM

I keep #1BK 00BK and slugs for my Shotguns. At close ranges they'd all be sufficiently devastating to an aggressor. As for brand of shotgun...Mossbergs are great, Remingtons are great, and even the NEF pardner protector i got for $219 is a great, reliable shotgun. Kind of hard to go wrong with any selection and they all have the options to go "tacti-cool" if the urge ever arises.

matt g 10-18-2009 06:15 PM

I'm a big fan of using single trigger coach guns for home defense. I don't like brandishing and letting the bad guys know that I'm about to clean some clocks. With 2 barrels of 3" 00 buckshot you're going to do serious damage to someone, even if they're wearing armor.

Once you've laid those 2 rounds into the first guy, I can guarantee that his buddies will ruin their pants and run.

Kain 10-19-2009 08:26 PM

He picked up a used Mossberg 500 (18" barrel) at a pawn shop for $200. Loaded up with 00 buckshot. Thanks for the suggestions gents.

Virginian 10-20-2009 09:32 AM

First, totally forget that racking the slide to send them fleeing BS. It just might be some armed crackhead and all you did was pinpoint your location. Either a Massberg or a Remington 870 pump should be good for his purposes, and if he buys used he can save even more, and should be able to get out the door around $200. You do not need pistol grips, buttstock ammo holders, or any of the other tactical do dads for true home defense. A good 12 gauge pump shotgun and 5 rounds of buckshot will take care of just about anything.

stalkingbear 10-20-2009 01:30 PM

I'd hesitate to use 00 buckshot if you don't want to go through the walls and injure/kill a family member/neighbor on the other side, I have the 1st 2 loads in my own personal HD shotgun loaded with 2 3/4" magnum #4 turkey loads. After those 2 shots it's loaded with #4 buckshot. If you have any question about a turkey load's effectiveness, just go shoot at plywood or a 2x4 at the range you expect to shoot at during home defense. Most people don't realize a shotgun-even with open choke-spreads much less than what they would expect at close range.

masterPsmith 10-20-2009 02:35 PM

I too use #4 in my HD shotgun for the same reasons. Over penetration could be your worst nightmare with others living in the house. I also carried #4 in my duty shotgun when I was LE.


IGETEVEN 10-20-2009 02:44 PM

Actually, any shotty load, #4 bird shot to .00 will do much damage, but I prefer the #4 bird shot in close quarters in a HD situation. 30 to 50 feet, aim high, upper chest, neck, head or aim low, stomach, groin and legs. It will detour, maim or kill. All will remove and penetrate tissue, penetrate eyes and cause organ damage, and breathing problems.

It really all boils down to the size of the mess you want to clean up afterwords. ;)


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