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newoneelkhunter 11-25-2007 10:32 PM

i have a 16 gauge harringtn&richardson model 120 bolt action, can anyone give me information on this shotgun

bobski 08-07-2015 11:53 PM

sounds like a no serial sears cross ref gun.

kfox75 08-08-2015 12:58 AM

Got you a manual that will work for it.

Article on the JC hHiggins 10:

From what I have seen in my research on them, they were only made for a couple of years prior to WWII. If I can find more, i'll post it. In the meantime, pop over to the Bolt action shotguns thread and check it out. Someone else from there might know more about it than I do.

MisterMcCool 08-08-2015 01:17 AM

I believe they were made in 1941 and 1942

bobski 08-08-2015 12:57 PM

werent they that recall gun that was turned in for 50 bucks?

MisterMcCool 08-08-2015 03:44 PM

I read (online) they sold the rights to Sears in 1942 when they temporarily stopped production of civilian arms. Might be true. :confused:

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