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old fart 12-10-2012 01:31 AM

getting an extra barrel, will it fit???
i have a 12 gauge pardner shotgun, a friend of mine has a tracker ll barrel to sell very resonable. i can get it for $50 and it has hardly been used. he told me it would fit my gun just fine, others have told me that it had to be fitted to my frame. i would like to if anyone has done this and if i can do it?, a gun smith i talked to said about 90% will work with no trouble about 5% will have space at the frame and should not be shot and the other 5% will just need the lever catch on the barrel filed lightly. thanks for any help

hiwall 12-10-2012 02:24 AM

Well if it did not fit any modifications would have to be done to the new barrel NOT the gun because you would want your original barrel to still work. Can't you just bring your gun(less barrel) over to your friend and see if it fits before you buy?

old fart 12-10-2012 02:41 AM

thats the only problem, he's selling it as is no returns.

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