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old fart 09-12-2013 09:08 PM

frame pin not even?
i have a nef pardner sb1 11c, its the one with nickle receiver and synthetic stock and forarm. i noticed today all my frame pins are even on both sides except one, the one on top that goes across and hold the fireing pin and ejector button. was sticking out more on one side it is very noticable, can these move? i have been shooting buckshot and slugs in it. can i tap it back in? if so with what? i have went online to look at pictures and some seem like mine while others look all even. do ya'll think the pin moved or just wasn't tapped all the way thru at factory?. thanks

hiwall 09-12-2013 10:12 PM

It is just a friction tight pin. Yes they can move. Yes tap it back in place. Use most anything to tap it, a hammer is likely best. If you are worried about a slight mar use a stiff piece of plastic between the hammer and pin.

old fart 09-13-2013 12:29 AM

i went to my local shop and looked, some are like mine. the one side is even with the hole at the frame, and on the other the pin is past the hole on the frame.

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