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mach1337 05-18-2011 10:41 PM

FN SLP MK1 anyone have one???
So I will be recieving a large sum of money here soon (bonus for ReEnlistment) and after all my debt is payed off I want to get a shotty. Grew up shooting mainly centerfire but did shoot some shotguns for rabbit and squirrel hunts. But never actually owned one of my own. My uncle has a Mossy 500 and my B.I.L has a Remy 870. like both of the alot. But I want a autoloader. No pertcular reason but I do want to get into clays and bird hunting eventually.

I was looking at Benelli's but I find myself drawn the SLP. Read alot of reviews and articles on them and they seem to be second to none. I know that they are the same reciever as the SX2/SX3. And they make different barrels and chokes for them. so what are your opinions on them? anyone with hands on experience for them? any info would be appreciated.

SoL 05-19-2011 01:41 AM

yes, my good friend's father got himself one and we have both used it on several occasions.

It is VERY good, I was all Nae-Saying about any semi auto shotgun that wasnt a Saiga12.

I never got any jams and the spring system really annihilates the recoil.

mach1337 05-19-2011 02:17 AM

Nice thats the stuff i want to hear about. anyone else got anything to add. I also think it would be a good Shotgun for 3gun if/when i get into it.

buckhorn_cortez 05-26-2011 11:22 AM

I have an SLP with an 18-inch barrel and a 28-inch barrel that I use for trap. Great gun, needs at least 250 rounds to break-in / seat the bolt. I have the Briley INV-SK choke in a diffusion constriction for the 18-inch barrel which provides good buckshot control and is rifled for slugs. 18-inch barrel is Invector style choke tubes while the the 28-inch barrel is Invector Plus. I have a complete set of Rhino Chokes for the 28-inch barrel.

You might also want to consider sending it to SureCycle. Have them do a reliability tune-up, new magazine spring and follower, and put the SureCycle recoil system in it. The SureCycle system will decrease felt recoil by at least 20 percent while improving the cycle time. They also modify the gas pistons by removing the spring and installing a solid ring. With the SureCycle mod, the heavy gas piston will cycle 1-oz loads and, of course, everything heavier so I don't ever change gas pistons unless I want to shoot 7/8-ounce trap loads.

I've had mine done, and prior to the SureCycle system using 1-1/8 oz #8 birdshot loads (as a standard) - it would put 5 hulls in the air simultaneously. With the SureCycle it will put 6 in the air. A lot of the 3-gun folks with SLP's have had their guns done by SRM Performance (SureCycle).

I prefer mine to a Benelli as it has far less recoil, and is easier to control on follow up shots. Have shot my SLP against a Benelli and wouldn't trade my SLP for the Benelli.

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